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  1. only ice

    So when's it walkable...?

    Up around the Duluth area, some of the flowage lakes are still open in areas. Other lakes have anywhere from 2 to 3 inches. No snow in the forecast and cold temps at night will have a lot of the smaller lakes ready to fish by next weekend.CAUTION WHEN GOING OUT !!
  2. only ice

    Regret getting a wheel house?

    I don't have one, but if I did I would have the bigger RV one so I could use it in the summer.
  3. only ice

    Thinkin... Well hoping!

    Right now the Duluth and Iron Range lakes look like they will be iced up pretty good by next weekend. But check as you walk and don't go alone.
  4. only ice

    Wild tickets

    I like Stubhub
  5. only ice

    How was everyones ice season this year?

    Its far from over for me!! Have at least 10 good days left around here. But the season so far has been good.
  6. only ice

    Ice Conditions

    Up here around the Duluth area the lakes I have been on this week all have about 24 to 26 inches of nice hard ice.Cool nights and no rain should keep ice up here for a few more weeks anyway! I Hope
  7. only ice

    lakemaster for nuvi

    I have the Nuvi 255. Will it work on mine? How much did you pay for it?
  8. only ice

    High miles?

    I have a 700 King Quad with 3,750 miles. But there trail miles, not hard Mud miles.Mine still looks new. O ya, its a 2005
  9. only ice

    Smoking Tulibee

    How long,and at what temp?
  10. only ice

    Hard starting Honda, Spark plugs?

    A body of mine didnt have a clue he had a primer on his Rincon, starts great now.
  11. only ice

    2010 & 2011 Show off your favorite Ice Photos

    LOTWs two weeks ago.Had to dump them out at 1pm to make sure the three of us wernt over. Two sort but that didnt take long!
  12. only ice

    Smoking Tulibee

    Im going to LOTWs next week and would like to smoke a few also. I have never kepted any to smoke but would like to try it. A little more info about this would be nice? Will have to watch this form for awile.
  13. only ice

    Ice Shanty Blow Out! (funny video)

    Was @ LOTWs one year on first ice.Had to fish 4 Mile Bay because the Lake was all busted up from the wind.Was in my hous and kept hearing this noise. Went out to see what it was, and a house was comming right at me. Grabed it and tied it of to mine. About a hour or so later a guy came up and thanked me. He was fishing about 2 miles away and the wind grabed it and away it went. Thats one thing about no snow and clear ice, they will take off.
  14. Thanks for the info guys. Car wont be back untill Monday, will try then.
  15. Its like one will start to move, the other one dosnt buge. But it wont go all the way across and back.