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eelpout, lake trout and tulibees

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I"m from SD. I'd like to try for some of these three species. Can anyone give me some starting points and pointers as to where in MN I can catch some. you can also send me a e-mail if you don't want to give up too much on the forum

thank you

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Pout are great if prepared right, and the fight on the biguns is fun as well. I recomend LOW.

Lakers are a closely guarded secret wink Havving never successfully iced one, I will deffer to others here. There is some good information to be had if you look around for it.

Tuli'es, a few of the bigger lakes around have em. Millacs used to be the go to, but I would head for BSL. Just dont tell the locals you are not from around there. They can get a little restless/protective about thier lake. sick

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eel pout- lake of the woods or leech lake at night, like Jiggin said. Anything you've got that is fishy, some smelt, shiners, sucker heads, whatever. Setlines or'll see some action.

tullies- try some deeper lakes where they exist. Ten Mile, Mille Lacs, Leech, Lake of the Woods. A flashing dropper rig works well.

lake trout- check out the trout species forum. There is a list of lake trout lakes and plenty of people that can help you.

You could probably try to find an extreme northern minnesota lake that has all three. The three species you mentioned are a fish community that inhabits some deepwater canadian shield lakes. Could make for a quite a trip!

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    • Looks interesting. They have those nets that you put down a hole that do the same thing, but I can see where some people would prefer this more solid version.
    •   The land in question is a 40 acre parcel up near Remer. My FIL's uncle has owned it since my FIL was a small child and he has been spending time up there ever since. It's a cool parcel of land with lake frontage but it is hard to get to. The last mile or so is basically an ATV trail. When it is dry enough we can get in with trucks but the last time I was up there there were a lot of trees across the trail that would need to be cleared.    I would love to be able to own that land but ultimately it has to be an immediate family member. My FIL says he was supposed to inherit it because his dad used to be half owner as well. It is looking less and less likely that will happen because the current owner's wife is in a nursing home and the money has run out. We think there may be a lien on the property already but don't know for sure.    My FIL needs to talk to his uncle about the situation before it's too late but I think he is holding out hoping to inherit it. I hope that happens but I'm pretty sure it won't.
    • This is a good way to keep them crisp
    •   I was just wondering where it was since you said you needed a 4 wheeler to get into it. I know the woods up in that area pretty well after years of hunting, snowmobiling and Dual Sport riding all over. Not thinking of buying but just wondering where it was?
    • I'm not fighting with anyone.   Many ways to make antennas, and for receivers in cars wavelengths aren't all that important.   Class up your vehicle with a wire nut or a fox tail or whatever you like.  
    •   Still a possibility but due to family dynamics it would have to be a joint venture with my FIL. He is the one that would have to technically make the purchase and we would go halves with him but he isn't doing anything about it right now.    It may still be a possibility but I'm not holding my breath.
    • sounds like draw length is too long
    • Wax all the string except where the serving is as the wax can get under it and cause it to slip   You should be able to tell the serving because the string will be thicker. Serving is just a thin string wrapped around you bow string. Will be around your peep sight around your d loop   If all else fails just go to your local archery shop and ask them for some pointer about waxing and other general bow maintenance that you should be doing hope some of this info helps though good luck!  
    • try boiling in water then let soak a couple days and blast them with pressure washer
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