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  1. Anybody have any materials and tips on building a good pike spear? /directions?
  2. I installed my runner kit on my new Scout XL Thermal last week. Not too impressed with their bolts. I now have about 30 1" bolts sticking up on the floor of my shack. They should have supplied shorter bolts. I would have went and bought new ones but needed to get it installed that night. I will probably buy shorter ones and replace them when i have time. Like maybe this summer....
  3. Anyone have pics of their set ups from hub shacks or flip over portables? i have a 6x8 wheelhouse with spear hole in the floor but thought about using a hub for a scouting shack or if i want to try a different location without pulling up stakes on my hardside. tips or suggestions welcomed. thanks!
  4. Only 2 runners come with the kit. There are 5 places to put the runners. Should they be put on the 2 outermost places? Or move in one spot so there is a runner on each side of center? thanks for any input.
  5. ditto! lead is heavy enough. Its a scam. The only real place i can see an advantage is if you are fishing with VERY small jigs in deep water and NEED to get back down FAST . Then u may notice a SLIGHT difference in speed getting it down. THINK ABOUT IT! The presentation is the same.
  6. Looked at these at the ice institute show if sioux falls, Sd yesterday. Very nice , but passed. The lune guides are a little too small for my liking. I fish outside alot when things are cold and want to freeze up. Great rod. Just wont fit my fishing situation. If not in a freeze up condition id say great choice!
  7. I'm a big marcum fan. BUT, i am a little frustrated that there hasnt been a software update for the LX-7 in 2 years! They need to keep the interest of us who spent $700 and humor us with some new features!
  8. Might take the plunge this year. Been leary on the drag systems on in lines. Using light lines a good drag is important. Any suggestions? thanks!
  9. SD is year round for all inland lakes for northern pike with some exceptions such as lakes with a sustainable population of muskie. There are a few others. Catfish is year round also. See regs for details
  10. Bought a small bear creek natural northern decoy today. Gonna give it a try this weekend! Looking forward to seeing how it works out for us.
  11. Thanks! I think i'm talked into purchasing one!
  12. Well, hopefully an upgrade can fix the problem that i vannot mark anything shallower than 4' on my LX7. If im fishing in 5' i cannot lift my lure up more thana foot and it dissappears. Anyone else relate?
  13. How many use the decoys that resemble a northern pike? Whats the idea? Canabolistic or attraction of another pike? What are your thoughts on how they work.
  14. Ok, i've held out for a couple years. I love to fish for gills and crappie. Which one has a good drag most similar to a spinning reel? And i like to jig and hold the rod in a pencil grip. So prefferably would like one that allows room for my hand. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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