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Wheel house trailer regs...

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Ok, I did a search and did not find a comparable thread...

WARNING long post regarding dealing with the DMV, State Patrol, and trailer marker light wiring

I just purchased a wheel house that was not previously registered. I went to the DMV and they took care of that part using the bill of sale. Because the fish house has a bunk and oven (their words) it was to be registerd as an RV trailer. The one gal said I could get the tounge sticker, the other called into St. Paul and they (whoever they are) said I have to have a yearly renewable plate. They also tried to give me a sticker for a heavier wheel class. My house is approx 2700 pounds, so no trailer brakes. I called the State Patrol and they told me if I have the sticker for a heavier house, I could be ticketed for not having brakes...I went back to the office and had them change the sticker to a 3000# plate instead of a 4500# plate. So I got my plate (and a heafty sales tax bill!) but they could not answer my lighting questions.

My wheel house only has tail lights and reflector tape. As I read the Federal Trailer lighting laws (, I need front and rear mounted marker lights as well as front and rear clearance lights and the three-light rear identification lights. I see the new houses built by ice castle have these lights. I don't believe I am grandfathered in or anything with a 3 year old house. I guess I am going to go shopping for marker lights (probably at northern tool). Has anyone else wired in a complete set of marker lights on a wheel house? I am thinking I can hide the wiring somewhat, but some will be exposed. I am thinking that there are a lot of people that are going to need to wire some lights on their houses. I wish there was a cut of date so that those with older houses could be grandfathered. Any commercial vehicle guys here?



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Glockwinger, I just brought the thread "Road Legal fish house lights" To the top, That should answer your question. I'd posted a link to the NHTSA site that showes what lights are needed on what. Hope it helps. AIRJER, Could that link be posted on the top of the Ice Fishing Forum so it stays available?? Phred52

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Also not trying to be "Technical" here, but some state patrol (if doing an inspection) will look at your trailer as trailer capacity (rating) not actual weight of the house. There for you could be in the wrong category based on that also.

If you have a tandem axel house then it would probably be 7000lb rating minimun. I have a 20' Lodge and it is rated at 9,900 GVW and i have an "E" sticker on the plate, even though the house itself only weighs 4700lbs.

Also with the lighting for front and back marker lights, if your house is finished in the inside: You can find the wires from the back lights and tap into them to run the lower marker lights by tapping into one marker line. The front markers might be a little tougher, but you could tap the line before it goes into the house on the front and tap into the parking line and punch a seperate line in and then run up the corner wall and then punch out each side where the marker light is suppose to go? It sure would beat removing the interior to install a few wires?

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I plan on tapping the wires where they come into the trailer. I'm pretty sure I can run the wires under the corner trim parts to hide the wires. Thanks for the replies. I don't have a lot of paperwork on the house other than the original bill of sale which says the house shipping weight is 2650. I don't know what the GVW would be. I have not found any plates or markers identifying that info...yet.


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    • Got it done in mn.  More to come when I get home.
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    • How do the over the counter licenses work this year? I missed last season but would like to get out this year even though I didn't apply for the lottery.
    • What exactly will you be using it for? Driving around the country with the top down, hunting the back woods, fording small creeks?   Do you have a particular budget to stick to?
    • at times the prop will stop on mine, usually when I move it to turn, need to tear into it sometime, I have use fishelectronics for misc. parts
    • I might have to get out and test drive a few and figure out what I like and don't like. Definitly not buying new so Ill narrow it down a bit and then wait for that cherry to show up.
    • Good job on getting it done with a limited amount of time left to hunt.
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