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  1. I did put some runner rugs down the center
  2. I recently ripped out the disgusting old carpet from my wheelhouse and replaced it with an engineered snap together floor. Love the final look! Spent under $150. Put a 1/4 inch sheet of insulation under it. Bring on driveable ice! First pic is the before, then the install, then finished product.
  3. I bought one of the three year tags for my wheelhouse two years ago, expires in 2018. The sun faded the printed tag in one year so that you could not read the tag. Wonder if they would look it up or just slap me with a ticket?
  4. Posting from the deer stand with my son...I've got a lookout! Got the stitching done on the covers using my wife's denim sewing machine. (Didn't know there was a difference until she told me). Anyway, here are some pics. Not the straightest stitches, but I was going for functional...and it was my first time sewing thick . Stuck the hook portion to the fishhouse. It is really sticky! Had to reposition some and it pulled hard. Before installation I scrubbed the sides of the house down for better adhesion. Put a double row of the hook tape on. Then the moment of truth! The covers fit perfectly! I have not cut them off yet. My wheels stick out past the sides of the house which is why there is a bump in the fabric. I think they will work great!
  5. Moon, It is on sale online without the coupon, but was not on sale in the store. The very nice clerk pointed out the coupon to me once I mentioned it was on sale online. I hopefully will have some time to work on it this weekend and will provide an update with pictures.
  6. Thank you all for the input. I'll probably end up cutting off the excess.
  7. Yetti, I figured I would give it a shot with hook and loop since I had the product. I can always add snaps later if it fails. I agree with the freezing down part. Some of the pro made ones are longer so that is where I got my idea. I figure I can try it and can always make them shorter later. Once I install them on the house I will get a better idea of if it work or not with the weight of the fabric. worst case scenario I add snaps. Thanks for the input.
  8. Since the wheel well area is not a heated area, I am more concerned about blocking the wind like Hawg said.
  9. Sooo, what do we ice fishermen (and ladies) do when we are thinking about ice fishing but there isn't ice yet? PROJECTS! I have been thinking about getting side skirts, or wheel well covers for my 2005 Ice Castle (she's almost ready for collector plates by now...) Anyway, I started looking into it and there are places that will make them that snap on for about $200. I happened to do a Google search for marine vinyl and hit on JoAnn Fabric's site. They had a 50% off coupon toward one item online. So my thinker gets thinkin'. So I go to the Elk River fabric store and find Arctic Vinyl, crack resistant down to -30 Fahrenheit . Only color they have is Forest Green. No issue since my house is dark blue. I buy 7 yards at $19.99 per yard, some outdoor UV thread, and a heavy duty Denim needle for my wife's sewing machine. Remember that 50% off a single item coupon? Oh yeah, $50 bucks for the fabric! I already had a couple rolls of 1" wide adhesive 3M hook and loop at home. So I cut the heavy vinyl down to 86" long and 44" tall, which allows the vinyl to lay on the ice and be able to put snow on it to stop drafts. Then I stuck a double wide layer of hook and loop to the vinyl. I included some pics of the project. I ran out of time, but the next step will be to sew the hook and loop to the vinyl. After that I will clean the siding on the Ice Castle and stick the hook part on the siding and will use some flat pan head screws to assist holding the hook tape on. Pretty excited to keep the wind out without trying to bank behind the wheel assembly! Due to the online coupon I only have about $70 invested since I already had the hook and loop tape. I'll post more pics of the hook tape installation and the finished project when I get that far. Wanted to pass on the info about the coupon in case anyone else would want to make some wheel well covers too!
  10. I'm not sure if it will work or not...but the collision of those two titans of ice fishing may interrupt the time space continuum!
  11. Well, my good buddy Chris and I ventured out in the bitter cold and wind for some early season ice fishing today (Sunday, November 30). We went to a small lake near Mille Lacs and got set up about 8am on about 9 inches of ice. The crappie bite was pretty good for awhile then just stopped. About a half hour later, a huge red mark appeared on the Vexilar. We thought it was a school of fish, so we started twitching our crappie jigs. I had on a glow teardrop tipped with a euro-larve. Then WHAM! My pole bent over and the line began to sing! I didn't know what I had hooked onto. For the next 10 minutes I fought an unknown adversary in the depths below. Then I got this monster up to the ice and HOLY COW. BIG NORTHERN! It took four more runs after that. Multiple times I got it up to the hole but couldn't turn the head up the hole. Finally I got just the nose inside the 8" hole and went in after it. Pulled out this beautiful 38" Northern. My personal best for both ice fishing and open water. Previous best was 36" in the BWCA. Thanks to Chris for taking the pics. Awesome memory! Here is the still pic of the catch: Another outside the shack:
  12. I used to get 2 movies out of a battery when using a 13" color tv with vcr off an inverter. Now I run a generator andlarger tv and dvd player.
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