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Grass seeding question...........

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Hello garden gurus!

I seeded about .08 acre of ground a week and a half ago [formerly ag ground],and the rains that accompanied the tragic killer tornadoes we had around here washed some away. There are grass seedlings that survived,and some that are pre-emerged yet-I can tell by some ruts cut by the rain,those seedlings would not be above ground yet had it not been for the ruts. I put down about 100 pounds of seed on this area [hope it was enough] I used a grain drill to seed it,but pulled the tubes out of the opener wheels to get the seed scattered more and avoid plugging and drug a log chain behind the drill to cover the seed.

Here is my question-if I need to overseed,what is the best way to do it without destroying the grass that is coming up now? The seedlings are small,and I wouldn't think they could stand ripping up the ground anymore. Any help is appreciated!

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I would just take a metal rake and smooth out the washout areas, toss seed down over what you raked and lightly rake the seed into the soil. Unless you have quite a few washouts, then maybe you would be better dragging the area over to smooth it out then seed again. Thats what i had to do when i seeded our 2 acres and we got a 6 inch stormthat washed everything out.

You may want to consider erosion blankets after you do what you deside is will help you out a bit in the event of another heavy rain.

Good luck.

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