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  1. Absolutely love my big easy oilers fryer. About 10 minutes per pound for turkey and it turns out amazing. love not having to buy oil! Just did a 5 lb rib roast, took about 2 hours and took roast off at 125 degrees. turned out great. Also cooked chicken and ribs on it. very good. Get one. you will love it!
  2. hotrod1

    Which type of grass seed?

    Bluegrass will do well if it is a sunny lawn. Mixtures of grass like 70% kbg 30% perennial rye grass is also good to use being if one grass is struggling due to weather, the other can kind of take over until the previous bounces back.
  3. hotrod1

    Sand Burs

    Seems early for sand burs to be popping up right now but using a pre-emergent herbicide applied correctly should keep them from showing up. im not to far from you and I usually apply it around the end of April-early May...typically when soil temps are up between 50-55 in the morning. I also put a 2nd app down over problem areas (along driveway and road edges)about a month later.
  4. hotrod1

    charging phone

    I picked up the one in the top picture at fleet far m for around $5 in the automotive section.
  5. hotrod1

    Too late for pre emergent in South Central MN?

    It may be to late to get 100% control of crabgrass but if you apply it now you will control any that hasn't germinated yet. If you use a product with Dimension, you can get some control over young crabgrass. Your pre-emergent will not control dandilions. You will need to use a poest-emergant herbicide for broadleaf weeds
  6. hotrod1

    Post Emergent Crabgrass and Broad Leaf Control

    You can use back to back. There are products out there that control both crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. Are you sure you have crabgrass? Seems kinda early.
  7. hotrod1

    Lawn question

    If you put seed down, do not use a fertilizer with pre-emergent.
  8. hotrod1

    Summer/winter kill

    Without seeing the spots or pictures, I would guess it is snow mold. You can try to lightly rake up the spots to kinda fluff them up and get air to the roots. I use a back pack blower. Then putting down some fertilizer should help recovery.
  9. hotrod1

    Crabgrass Preventer

    Liquid Dimension pre-emergent herbicide works great to control crabgrass.
  10. hotrod1

    Best boots for hard water

    +1 on Baffin Titans. A little bulky but very light and very warm and comfortable. For less bulk, But still warmth...Baffin Trapper.
  11. hotrod1

    Vexilar Battery

    I believe Fleet Farm has the 9 amp batteries for around $20 right now
  12. hotrod1

    Spray for weeds?

    apply 2-4d anytime weeds are actively growing. After a the first frost is a great time to spray for broadleafs. It is probably to late to worry about grassy weeds. they will die off after a hard frost.
  13. hotrod1

    quack grass control selective

    No silver bullets out there for quackgrass. Al you can do, other than carefully spot treating quackgrass with glyphosate on a brush or rag or something, is fertilize and water as needed and mow the lawn on a regular basis. Having a thick lawn helps to choke out quackgrass. At least to a point that you don't notice the quackgrass. I believe Certainty is no longer available to use on cool season turfgrass.
  14. hotrod1

    Where to get auger serviced??

    Next door to where Strikemaster was. H2o outfitters. Great service.
  15. hotrod1

    Lindy River Rocker Giveaway

    I'm in