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Fireplace Install

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Have any of you installed a fireplace by yourself? I have a current fireplace opening (original wood burning then someone down the road converted it to a gas log set although once you open the flue you get no heat) I would like to place an insert in there. Found one on the ol inter-web for a pretty decent price that has the 3" flue and intake that i could route up my existing chimney +-25'...

Thoughts on doing this by yourself?

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We had an insert put in the basement fireplace when we first bought our house 16 years ago, I installed another one during the winter in the upstairs family room. It is not a hard job just dirty. The hardest part was cutting out the old damper. You will want to also reline the flue with a flexible liner.. all info on the internet.


Good Luck,


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When we had our gas insert put in, looked like hardest part was getting gas and electricity to the fireplace.  You already have gas. 

They ran some sort of stainless thing down the flue that, I think, provided combustion air as well as exhaust.  I know there is outside combustion air, and I think that is where it comes from. 


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delcecchi, Yes that is the two flexible vents typically 3" or 4" brings your outside air into the fireplace which burns it then there is another vent for the exhaust to discharge that from your the contained fireplace.

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You can probably do it.  It isn't rocket science for sure.   Do you have the time and inclination to tackle it?   How much does a pro want to do the job?   Are you doing it yourself just to save money, or do you enjoy and get satisfaction from projects like this? Those are the factors I would think about. when deciding what to do. 

Oh, and is there someone in the area that can do the job?  Are inspections required? 

That is my input, for what it is worth.  


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