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  1. Hello all, i just picked up a jiffy extreme 8”.. used off the hsolist site.. although was never used as they won at an action... worked great first weekend out even had it in the cab of my truck. Although noticed some smell of propane in the garage the other day and seems to be leaking propane now? Unhooked and could hear the 1 lb wissle (worthington) threw that one away went to screw a new one one (Coleman) and seems to still be leaking maybe from regulator just kept it off to see thoughts
  2. Quick question - I got a bunch of R19 insulation for free last night from a new storage facility that was being modified. This is less than 1.5 years old. This is for my garage although I have 2x4 walls. Whats my best option here... Cram it into the 2x4 or rip about 1/3 off of it and put into the 2x4 wall? I know it decreases the Rvalue by cramming it in so just would like others opinions... Again this is a garage although I will be heating it and will have blow-in insulation in the ceiling (future project).
  3. I just moved into a new construction home and trying to get my garage cleaned up and storage ideas. That being said I was planning on adding about 2 sheets of plywood or OSB onto the roof trusses with a ladder in order to create a little storage up there for misc things. Kids misc things, Christmas items, hockey bag, golf clubs, etc etc. Not looking at a huge weight in my opinion. I am reading since they are roof trusses I shouldn't do this. Although I had a 1928 home and did this with no issues? Just wondering your thoughts on the whole topic again not going to be weights/steel/etc just some simple storage. This would be above the 3rd stall being I could get some insulation around the perimeter of it but would have to use batt under the storage... thoughts? Plan on insulating and finish rocking at some point. What type of wood would you use for this? I know i used OSB at my old place and probably only 1/2 if I remember as I had the same thoughts as when I was installing that just to get items up off the ground.
  4. Has anyone done this before? I have read a ton of things some say you need to add an additional layer like durarock and then lay infloor heat over that. Others say use a primer on the OSB and lay your infloor heat above that and pour the Self Leveling Concrete to be embedded in this. All of which would be topped with tile. Any advice would be great!
  5. To add ontop of this i just noticed that the cold lead and the sensor cannot be routed in the same conduit and the electrician only did one. what would your suggestion be there?
  6. Just trying to get some opinions on how to do this. I bought a 60sqft mat from pexuniverse.com (HeatTech) is the brand name same as all the others from what I have read online. My question is prep and installation. I am building a new home this is going to be located in the master bathroom which is OSB flooring (Blank Slate to start with). I have read I could put this right onto the OSB and then trowel (3/8" plastic) over to tile my flooring. OR i could do a self lever concrete over the mat to make install of tile a little easier? I am installing the 1"x1" Hexagon tiles which are in a 1'x1' mat. Or how would you go about this? My father in-law thinks I should lay tar paper down then heating mat with a self leveler over that. Just want install to go easy and not spend a ton. Thought? Advise?
  7. 18' with the 3ft v? Would this be fine to pull with a 1500? How much ice would you need to take it out? (I am never the first one out so we dont even need to start that debate) Just looking at general thickness
  8. Thanks for the input guys. Big Dave: What is your budget? 5-15k roughly just looking for a dealNew or used?used for sureWhat lakes or bodies of water do you fish?i fish from 500 acre lakes to mille lacs and winnieWhat species of fish do you target?anything that will bite What type of fishing do you do most, IE bobber, drift, trolling, etc. I bobber fish with the kids but will typically troll or drift when with friends (walleye)Where will you store it? preferably my garageWhat will you haul it with? 1500 dodge ramDo you want to do other things with it like water skiing, etc? im sure as the kids get older they will want to do that. I also like to get up on the water skis a couple time a year. My father in-law has an 18' sylvan works great full windshield a year ago i wanted a single console due to space on the floor and how much they take up. Although on larger bodies of water that full windshield is really nice. I would love a pontoon but I do not have a lake place and don't really like trailing that every weekend or storing it at my place. I will keep my eyes out thanks for the advice I was thinking along Bobby Bass's thoughts I would mind going a little older in order to save money although I feel like newer boats use a lot of the space for storage unlike the older boats which is really nice to get things off the floor.
  9. Thanks delcecchi, that is what I was thinking just didn't know if there were other "obvious" solutions.
  10. I have a 2 man Eskimo portable currently and looking for advice. Ideally I will be able to fish myself, wife, 3 yr boy and our twin boys that are 1 - this house will be for in the future. That being said what the best option? Hub style? If I went with a wheel house how long would you go? (looking at both options currently) Thanks in advance im sure there is someone that has this same issue and how did you resolve it or what would you do differently?
  11. Hello there, I had a smaller 14' boat for many years. We recently have moved so I decided to sell that boat. That being said our family grew x2 in a hurry. That being said I am wanting something that will last awhile My wife loves to fish and I have a 3 year old boy and twin boys that are 1 now which I will start taking out once I get a new boat. What brand or length would you suggest? I was looking at an aluminum one but the fiberglass ones have hit my interest lately... Just not sure on the best option.. I am not a tournament fisher by any-means but I do like to go alone or with a few buddies for some week or weekend trips. Thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance
  12. Hello there, I am wondering what you guys do for a TV set up above the fireplace. I am moving and the new house will not have the depth my old one did to whole the wii, dvd player, apple tv, and cable box... What are your thoughts on all this? Best look or set up?
  13. As dumb as this sounds how is this done?
  14. Hello, well I convinced my brother in-law to pick up my buddies old 1980 185 although pretty sure he said it was bored out to a 200? Here is the deal it's been sitting for a solid 8 years. I know it ran fine before. Not the delema----- It starts right up (he bought a new carb odd amazon) although it sounds like a jet with high rpms. Looked at the throttle cable that's fine. Floats are fine. So he plugged this hole in the air filter and got it to idle down although when he hit the gas wouldn't get any power. Read a few things online and they tell you to just bypass the filter box and all that so back to amazon we went to get one of those filters that mount right up to the carb and it's still the same issue.. I just haven't seen anything like this? Do you guys have any thoughts or tricks that we/he could try?! Thanks in advance
  15. Leech, we just like the look of it in the tree. I was thinking of maybe an eye bolt on the lower side then some threaded rod to the higher side to get it down more even?
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