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Has anybody tried this line yet?

I ordered and received today a spool of 30lb from Berkley.

I read some positive reports on another forum.

I have yet to spool it up on my Curado, but I hope to get out soon to give it a try.

I'm always a sucker for new line and have to try each one as the come out.

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There is 30" between the light green and dark green color changes. Excellent visibility.

I did some digging.

The new braid is either 6 or 8 strand non-thermally fused braid (depending on the lb. test) giving it a radial shape which is smoother and quieter.

The original Fireline, still available, is 3 individual bundles of smaller strands thermally fused together, then braided, forming a helical shape which gives it a rougher texture.

Both are made of Dyneema, which is similar to Spectra used in other brands of lines.

I spooled some up an a Curado today.

My observations after a couple of dozen casts---

It cast very long, quiet and smooth even into the wind. Of course most braids will cast very well when fresh right out of the box and fully spooled, but I was impressed.

Very easy to knot. I tied a surgeons knot to the backing and a palomar to a spinnerbait. Both pulled up smooth and perfect.

I also experimented with a few more of the same knots and all tied very nicely.

Durability of course remains to be seen, but nearly if not all of the braids I have used in the last 10 years or so have had no issues with durability, so I do not expect this to be a problem.

I have yet to give it the test of time on the water, but I remain impressed so far.

BTW it is higher in price than the original.

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Bait, thanks for digging that up, I didn't realize there was a differnce in the make up of the lines.

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Keep us updated! I thought about trying it myself, but when I opened the box at the store it seemed like the colors rubbed off on my fingers. I'd like to hear your results with color fade. Most braids are tough to see for those of us "line watchers." I've experimented with some of the hi-visibility lines but am not happy with those either.

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