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  1. Dealer called today and the trailer company is sending a new axle for the trailer. So I hope that works. Its good to have a warranty when u need it. Thanks for all the advise.
  2. I picked the boat up from the dealer and put new tires on it myself. I was told to keep the old tires and send them a receipt for the tires so I could get paid for the tires. They measured the axle and said it was ok. Its a fixed axle so I can not have an alignment done. They said the tires were cheap, so we will see what happens with the new tires. The tire shop said they should not wear like they were.
  3. The trailer pulls down the road great. No issues with that and there is plenty of tongue weight. I can not pick the tongue up off the ground. I am going to call Friday and see if they have found anything out.
  4. I could deal with buying new tires every 2-3 years, but at this rate it will be every three months the trailer is on the road. I used the trailer for about 2 1/2 months last fall and one trip this spring. I will let you know what I find out.
  5. Its good to know that you can have a trailer alignment done. Not sure who made the trailer. It says lund on the trailer. Its a single axle trailer with a 186 tyee gl sitting on it. The trailer has to be under warranty, so they should fix the problem. Thanks
  6. I bought a new boat and trailer last August. The tires on the trailer are wearing bad on the outside edge of the tire. To the point where I can start seeing the cord on the tires. The tires need to be replaced. I went to the dealer today and they said its from the tire pressure, which I have always checked to make sure its where it needs to be. They kept the boat and trailer. They were going to take some measurements and contact the company that made it. Bottom line is that a tire should last longer than a few months of use. Anyone had a problem like this?
  7. I am having a kicker installed on my fiberglass boat. Some dealers are telling me that I need a bracket and others are saying they mount it directly to the fiberglass. This is my first fiberglass boat. Its a tyee gl if it matters. How is yours mounted? Thanks
  8. Has anyone had any problems with the rear latch on hood. When I changed the oil for the first time the other day I could not get it to lock.
  9. I have a new Lund with the sport track system. Which rod holder work best with this set up? The only ones that I have seen that would work are the Ram mounts. Thanks for the info.
  10. If you still have his contact info I would like to use it. I need one for my boat and my dad is going to need one. Thanks
  11. I was looking at buying the Elite 7 HDI combo, and getting the Lake Insight Pro 2013 chip to run in it. Has anyone used this unit, and how did you like it? The chiip says that it covers lake of the wood. Does anyone know how far into Canada it covers? Thanks for the info.
  12. White caps are good for the money. I had them on my last boat and my dad has them. Very easy to put on your boat.
  13. Spend the extra money and get a custom cover. It will last longer and travel better.
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