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  1. In my opinion, these fish were migrating toward where they will spend the winter. Without giving away the spot, it was a cluster of rocks in close proximity to a smallmouth highway from shallow water to deep.
  2. Good looking boat and good looking partner Swimbaitchucker... Truly a day I will never forget!
  3. I think it will take 25+ per day to win it. There are more five pounders in Mille Lacs than three pounders in most any other lake. Most years the shallow bite gets good in September. This year it didn't and most big fish were deep. Too early to predict how the winners will fish but not too early to say it will be a lot better than Sturgeon Bay. Don't forget, the 30 lb bags from the Sturgeon Bay Open are 6 fish and a team format during prespawn.
  4. Superduty

    New Loomis rods??

    Has anybody seen the new E6X rods in a store in MN?
  5. Just buy a Curado for $150. If you get bored with it in five years you can always sell it for $120...
  6. Superduty


    Who else still has the old Roland Martin double blade buzzbaits in their box?
  7. Who says you can't combine a swim jig with a frog! I started playing with paddle tail toads on my swim jigs and have been pleasantly surprised at the results. Very good hook up percentage compared to a standard weedless toad. My son added his PB about a month ago burning one of these across emergent vegetation.
  8. Wow, those are some dark fish! Must have been buried...
  9. Dang, There are already two permitted tournaments out there this weekend...Might be a little busy!
  10. Mauer has a no-trade clause in addition to his hefty salary. He isn't going anywhere except the training room...
  11. Superduty

    Brakes on my Curado?

    If the G7 won't throw a frog long distance, something is wrong mechanically or it was over stuffed with grease from the factory. I would start by removing the two spool bearings and flushing out the grease by soaking in a good degreaser. Dry them out and add ONE drop of reel oil when you put them back in. This will dramatically help in casting distance!
  12. That's one lake I really wish they would drain and turn into a parking lot... You guys that catch big bags out there consistently are doing something right!
  13. Superduty

    Brakes on my Curado?

    Which Curado model do you have Hawg? I have used every model except for the new 2014 version(Curado I). I have heard it is a little trickier to dial in but once guys figure it out, they love the reel. The B, D, E, and G were all pretty straight forward.
  14. Superduty

    Brakes on my Curado?

    Go with all in for best casting distance. Go with two out-opposite each other for more spool control. Go with three out-every other pin for even more spool control. Or if you are really struggling, pull them all out. Keep the spool balanced. The spool tension knob will have far more influence on backlash than the brakes. Pherris' instructions on that are spot on.
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