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buying a boat from out of state

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My brother and I might be purchasing a boat soon from a private seller out of state and it is already registered there. What steps do I have to take to get it registered in MN? Also, does anyone know about how much it is? Thanks for all replies.

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First thing you need to get is a bill of sale for proof of ownership. The bill of sale must include the serial numbers of boat, motor, trailer, the full info of both the buyer and seller, signatures of both parties and a witness, and the purchase price of the rig. It's a good idea to get 2 copies because the registrar will keep one. You can find lots of examples on the internet. Next, the boat will have to have a clean title to transfer ownership. Have the owner sign over the original title or registration card (depending on the state). You will have to pay for the registration, and lifetime trailer sticker at the time of title transfer. You will have to set a value on the trailer and that is the only part of the package you will need to pay sales tax on. (it helps if you agree on the bill of sale to assign a low value on the trailer to help save you money). For my Ranger 618T It was roughly $120 for the resgistration and trailer sticker. The new title was mailed later.

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