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  1. [youtube]EtfCgs5d3A8[youtube]
  2. Bass opener was a truly amazing day spent with my dad! Water temps were in the low 60's on the main lake. We were fishing in Douglas Co. MN. The female bass were full of eggs and on a feeding frenzy. Overall we ended up with about 80-100 bass and 4 of them at or close to 5lbs estimated. Most of the bass on the GoPro are around 3.5lbs, the camera makes them look smaller with the wide angle setting. My new GoPro hero 3+ only has about 90 minutes of battery life, so you get an idea of how awesome the fishing was. This big fish were stacked in areas with current, on large laydown logs, and in shallow mud-bottom bays that are starting to warm up. We caught them on jigs, flipping tubes, and weightless senko style worms. I missed more fish than I like to admit, but luckily they were so aggressive we always got a second chance at them.
  3. Besides hooks already mentioned, what type of line are you using? If you're using braid, a light hookset is fine. If you like mono, try a different type of line with less stretch equipped with light wire hooks. (use superline hooks with braided line) And most importantly, crank down on the fish until the rod is loaded before you set the hook. And set the hook with a sweep, and never let off the pressure. If you feel a bite then drop your rod tip with slack line and "pop" the rod back right away, you will miss them every time.
  4. Here is a short video of my bro Prairiefire putting the smackdown on some texas bass.
  5. I would take a larger screen over color if it was up to me. Also, I wouldn't be without a GPS. You can find some good deals on auction sites or the bargain cave and get the best of both worlds in your price range. Usually the best deals on new units are when a model has been discontinued, the only downside is getting an outdated or discontinued model fixed if it has issues.
  6. You got it! Beta is closed now for the Xbox, and I already want to try it again. I'm going to try to find a pre-order deal.
  7. The game is well balanced for a shooter. It thought you would be at a total disadvantage fighting the titans, but it's easy to bring them down. You can jump on an enemy titan's back and blast away. It's called rodeo-ing (sp?) A few snipers get on the rooftops, but most of the action is still on the ground. Like most games, camping and sniping won't get you near the points. Going for the objectives will help you rank up much faster. The cloaking function is timed, and you can still see the player if they are running or shooting. So, I don't see a big advantage in it. The smart pistol that locks onto multiple targets is a cool new concept, compared to the typical run and gun shooter. You can double jump in the air, and run on the side of walls in a parkour like fashion. It's kind of fun when you can jump on guys out of anywhere.
  8. I downloaded the BETA on xbox one. It's fun so far, I will probably get it.
  9. A 19 degree transducer is what you want for that situation. A wider cone angle will also pick up suspended fish a lot better. The next narrower step would be the 12 degree transducer, which is a great choice from 30-55 ft. The only downside is when you get out to 30 ft with the 19 degree ducer, you will pick up all the lines in the house and the screen can get cluttered. I don't really mind that, and it's also fun to be able to tell which hole is going to get hit next.
  10. Did you guys ever catch Ish Monroe's 2012 bassmaster elite win on lake okeechobee? He is a big bass specialist and calls spinning rods "the fairy wand". I use a spinning rod all the time for bass, but I started using the same terminology for spinning equipment.
  11. If you don't fog your 4 stroke, (usually done by spraying fogging oil directly into each cylinder through the removed spark plugs and turning the flywheel by hand) you will rust the inside of you cylinder walls, cause corrosion, and also possibly damage to the engine from trapped water. Have you ever read your manual? Page 142 of the current verado manual without the spaces this is the procedure if you store a 4-stroke longer than 2 months : www . mercury-marine . eu / cache / Documents / Mercury / Verado%20250 / 0 /en-GB / DocumentFull . pdf Protecting Internal Engine Components IMPORTANT: Refer to Maintenance ‑ Spark Plug Inspection and Replacement for correct procedure for removing spark plugs. • Remove pencil coils and spark plugs. • Spray approximately 30 ml (1 fl oz) of Storage Seal Rust Inhibitor into each spark plug hole. • Actuate key/push button start switch to crank the engine through one start cycle, which will distribute the storage seal throughout the cylinders. • Install spark plugs and pencil coils.
  12. We have a few local guys who spear, and shoot the ice to free their houses. As mentioned earlier, the gun of choice seems to be the 30-06. It's crazy loud and the ice shatters in about 2ft circle. They guy I watched, held the barrel at about a 30 degree angle about 5 inches above the ice, and about just a couple of inches from the shack. He shot while he turned his head away to avoid the flying ice chips. It took 4 shots, one at each corner of the house and it was free. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it.
  13. Another consideration is if your a late season anger. With the ProXS you can winterize in about 30 seconds, (Besides checking your prop for fishing line and changing/checking the gear lube). When you winterize the 4-stroke, your done for year. If you have the ProXS and you get that awesome warm november day, go fishing and winterize afterwards and don't worry about it.
  14. Refresh rate is going to be a big factor for you if you like sports. I don't like plasma as much due to the screen glare, and black colors get some ghosting on most screens. If you watch sports in a dark room with shades, this might not be a factor for you. Consider checking out a LED TV with a 120-240hz refresh rate. Personally, I'm waiting until next year for a 4K screen.
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