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Paint jobs on some Jakes

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Here is some paint jobs I did on some Jakes. Put a epoxy over them and going to test them to make sure they still run the way I want them to. Just picked some colors that thought would work, and one my 4 year old liked.







Sanded down a couple of Jackpots and Suicks and going to try and get those done before I head up to LotW in a couple weeks.

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Very interesting....

I like several of them. smile

Let us know how they work for you.

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I painted a few last year, and took them trolling on LotW and had good results on most. I had somewhat of a problem with paint adhesion. I've been using Createx water based air brush paint, and covered them with just a clearcoat rattle can. Some would peel off and some lasted well. So trying epoxy to see how that holds up, just need to check that they still run "right" and hold up to banging rocks.

The colors are mostly new other than the black top with silver body....that one caught 4 in as many hours before I lost it in the rocks :-(

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The rattle can clearcoats just don't hold up. There are many better options out there but most require some type of turner to get an even coat. Try a search for clearcoats and some option should come up as it's been discussed a few times here.

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