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  1. Asandir

    Ice rod Blank Comp - MHX vs DH Al Dente

    I think the MHX would be better without the painted green tip. Seems to stiffen the tip up too much.
  2. Looking at getting a charter out of Duluth, any reports on fishing?
  3. Asandir

    Trail Cam on Public Land

    Thanks, I didn't buy a lock box as I didn't know about screwing in the lag bolts to the tree, how frowned upon that would be on public land. I figured it would be more of a use at your own risk type of venture. On that note what are some good options for a few cheaper cameras but still would take decent pics?
  4. Hi all, looking for any advice or pointers. I understand probably do at your own risk, but is there any advice to putting out a trail cam on public land? I would have to guess that the area I am looking at is used just don't know how much. I would like to see if there any deer around but don't want to throw a camera out the window either. Any tips would be great.
  5. Asandir

    Made this for my Dad

    Looks good, and he will love the aluminum reel seat.
  6. Asandir

    New build with a try at a weave

    Thanks all. I ended up making one after looking around. Just used some basic stuff that I found at the hardware store.
  7. Asandir

    New build with a try at a weave

    Thanks, the pieces on handle are the dimpled aluminium winding checks, and the reel seat is an Alps Machined Aluminium. It is a bit more expensive but functions and looks great.
  8. Asandir

    New build with a try at a weave

    Few more pics as the wrap was blurry, hope these are better.
  9. Lamiglass blank 6'6" Medium Fast
  10. Asandir

    Help w/Decorative Wraps by Billy Vivona

    No it should be the distance between the threads. You can lay out "X" amount of threads and measure the distance if you want to be sure. All threads will measure out a little bit different. I use a lot of Madeira and that measures a bit smaller than the average "A". Also if you use NCP thread that tends to measure a little bit thicker than standard "A"
  11. Asandir

    Help w/Decorative Wraps by Billy Vivona

    The way I read it is, how many passes you want to make is how big of a box you make. So if you want to make 8 passes of thread (inside box) you would make a 2 mm box. It is for size A or B thread, and it is that size as there is only one pass filling the box. If you have thread from both sides you will have a different spacing guide that will make a bigger box. Hope this helps
  12. Asandir

    Winter Rod Building Projects

    The other pics of rods were too big and didn't have time to redo them yet. The guides are wrapped with the tie off color, and really stand off the rod nice.
  13. Asandir

    Winter Rod Building Projects

    These are 4 White MHX's that I built. I really like the look of the white rods, the color really pops off of them. The one that looks blue with yellow is actually a dark purple with Chartruse. I will try and take some better pics, this was just a quick one with phone.