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How to go about hunting "A" buck?

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Just for the sake of discussion and to get some ideas, I have a hypothetical situation for you:

You spot a huge buck. You have permission to hunt SOME of the ground in the area where you anticipate this buck is living. It receives moderate hunting pressure during rifle season, but limited for archery/muzzy seasons. Deer DO NOT winter in your area so finding the sheds is almost impossible.

Being it is mid-late November and you are done hunting for the year, what do you do know? Seek hunting permission on other properties in the area? Setup a bunch of trail cams? Hit the woods as much as possible to try and locate his core area now? Setup a plan for strategic food sources/plots for next year? etc...

***This situation could take place in many different types of areas/terrain. If you have specific experience hunting/patterning a buck, please leave information regarding the type of area your experiences took place ie...farm country, big woods, mostly treeless prairie etc. Let's try and make this a thread we can all learn from.

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ever heard the expression put yorself in my shoes.... well Coach1310 im wearing your shoes..haha i got a picture on my trail cam of a monster buck


i also have permission to hunt some of the area he is living in. i have found multiple sets of tracks and am pretty sure i can identify his tracks from others. i have found multiple scrapes and rubs in the area that i assume are his and i have talkted to a construction worker that is working in a gravel pit behind the woods that has seen him multiple times bedded down on the top of a wooded hill i have been trying to get him all bow season and both shotgun seasons(i can hunt both because im under 18) i have yet to find him. all i can say is keep trying. read magazines watch hunting on tv. without those two all i would have is a picture of a dream buck but by reading and studying i have got myself a goal! good luck with your deer!

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