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One of those days...

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Took the boat out today on Flathead Lake. The lake trout fishing has (supposedly) been picking up so I called a buddy and we were on the water at 0900. Saw the "MacMan"s rig at the lauch and caught up with him off of Painted Rocks. Anchored about 30 yeards or so away from him and chatted for a bit. He and another boat were picking up some small lakers, like 1 pounders and smaller! I have never seen such small fish!

Anyway, we didnt get a bite in 45 minutes or so, despite changing lures 4-5 times. Went to another spot, nothing. Went all the way up to the "Delta"...trolled deep, shallow, fast, slow...nothing. Anchored and jigged in about 12 different places, deep, shallow, in between...nothing.

6 hours on the water and we did not put one fish in the boat. I fouled lines up like 4 times, got the anchor line wrapped around the motor, broke my net untangling that mess, got one downrigger cable off the spool and had to cut it free...At least I didnt lose the ball! Stuck a hook pretty good in my hand... mad.gifcry.gif

But you know, even despite all that, it was a pretty nice day one the water! We had some storm cells all around us, but the sun shined on us quite a bit too! I had my Arctic Armor on so I was pretty warm, despite the constant breeze and it only being about 40 degrees out.

After "walking" on water all winter, I think I have my sea legs back now, and the fishing should get better within a week, as the lake is about 2 degrees away from "turning over".

Is it Friday yet...! grin.gif

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