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Wisconsin riding

Uncle Bill

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Just a bump.

Also good info. for riding in Minnesota as well.

Especially with the new snow, both states will be

using more sand and less salt.

(This is cut/paste from Wisc. DOT HSOforum)

Sand on roadways will pose danger for motorcyclists this spring

March 20, 2008

Because of a shortage of salt in many areas of the state, snow removal crews used more sand than usual on roadways this winter to provide traction for vehicles. When the snow finally melts, however, this sand residue could make roadways slick for motorcyclists, warns Ron Thompson, manager of the Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Program.

"This spring, sand residue will likely be widespread on highway ramps, street intersections and curves. Motorcyclists can quickly lose traction and balance on sand when accelerating, braking, or leaning into a curve," Thompson says. "To maintain control and stability, motorcyclists need to look ahead for sand when coming to a stop at intersections and when turning corners. It's best to brake smoothly if sand is expected. Motorcyclists also should be prepared for sandy surfaces when entering or exiting highways."

Another road hazard for motorcyclists this time of year is potholes. "Riders will need to scan the road ahead for potholes and then check for traffic to their rear and side before dodging holes and big cracks in the pavement," Thompson says.

"In the spring, road conditions often are less than ideal, which increases the potential for motorcycle crashes," Thompson advises. "To protect themselves, motorcyclists should wear proper gear including a sturdy jacket, sturdy long pants, shoes or boots that extend over the ankle, full-fingered leather gloves, and a US DOT approved helmet. They also must ride sober and obey all traffic laws."

For more information, contact:

Ron Thompson, manager, Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Program

(608) 266-7855, [email protected]

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