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Plumbing Question


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Hey guys I'm remodeling my upstairs for a master bath. Having difficultly with the plumbing waste lines. Is it ok to tap into the vent line with the sink drain? Also install a tub, I'll be making the sorroundings then tiling it. Was wondering how high the walls should be for a tub that is 18 1/4" deep from the bottom of the lip to the bottom of the tub, just want to make sure theres enough room for waste lines. Any help or suggestions would be great!

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Short answer as far as draining your sink into the vent, no. In a few situations you may, but without seeing the plumbing myself to see if it'd be allowed, I wouldn't feel comfortable telling you to do it.

As far as your tub goes, are you talking about a drop in whirlpool type tub? If so, and you're building a tub deck, I'd go at least twentytwo inches from the tile on the deck to the subfloor. This will give you room for your waste and overflow(tub drain) and a little room to put a bed of sand mix under your tub for support. By code, you need to leave an access for the drain and also for the pump. Most inspectors will insist on it. It really ought to be something reasonable to use, also. If you need to change the pump, you'll be glad you made it big enough. Same goes for working on the drain.

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