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Save or Replace a Grip

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Here's a little tip for when you want to re-use a grip or need to replace one. It will work most all the time and patience is the key to removing it in one piece.

There are ways to do this where you make a piece of equipment for it and it may be faster or easier, but this is the cheapest and it's worked for me.

You'll need a pot or other tall container for very hot boiling water and a safe place to let it sit. You need to submerg the grip in the water and let it sit. You may have to re heat the water several times and it could take a LONG time to loosen the epoxy and/or bushings. Test your ability to turn or move the grip from time to time. DO NOT try to work it off!! In time, the grip should come off in one piece.

If you plan to re-use it, let it sit for a few days to dry out. Clean off the blank with scotch brite or sandpaper. You'll find many grips and reel seats bushed with masking tape. I don't, I find it to fail more often thatn other methods, but it DOES work and may hold for life.

If you have a damaged grip you don't want to save, there are lots of other ways to remove it. Just remember, any good cork can be re-used on something else so try to save it! Good Cork is EXPENSIVE!!

A single ring or couple of rings can be removed and replaced on the rod! Take out some cork and put in some burl, burnt, or colored cork for a highlight. That's another trick I'll post later.

You can pre-turn your cork replacements by making a template of where they'll go and size. Use an old rod piece or a mandrel of any kind. Many ways to shape them. I'll share later.

BE AWARE, many grips are made of pitted cork thats filled to cover pitts or even composite that looks and feels like true solid cork. It will react differently to hot water, pushing pulling and sanding. Hope this helps.

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