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Jack Frost arriving out West!


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I understand that there may be a few days of summer left but I wish to encourage all icefisher(wo)men with the word that freezing temps are taking place. Some mountains in Utah and Colorado have had some snow as early as Labor Day weekend, at 10 pm tonight I had 45 degrees, it's dropping fast and the cold front is about 300 miles to the west yet. We should have snow on the ground for the drive to work tomorrow in western Wyoming at 7,000 feet. A few miles away at the top of Snowbird ski area above Salt Lake City workers are shoveling snow at this time, albeit at the top of their tram. I'm not putting the boat away until December but I'm seriously considering ordering a Glacier shelter from this site soon. Despite an early start every year ice doesn't form on local lakes until close to Thanksgiving, much like Up North. Start gathering your gear now and let the excitement build!


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2 days ago, at 6500' in elk camp, we had 34 degrees and frost on the ground, with a dusting of snow a little higher up.

Unfortunately, wolves have moved into this area and sent the elk running for cover! My hunting partner got into a pack of 3-4 who were moving in on a band of elk, his cow calling brought the elk, and the wolves in on him. Said he's never been so spooked in his life. Talk about a fast way to ruin a prime hunting spot. There is a reason why all the stories talk about the "big bad wolf".

But be of good cheer, I have first hand info that winter is coming and coming soon. Man, did it feel good too!!

Kalispell, MT
(Not you Pal, I was talking to my bait)

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Wolves sure are spooky. The last year I lived in MN, 1982, I was in a swamp with tight tree cover, and it was eerie with a foot of fresh, wet snow anyway. I sensed something amiss, got on all fours and looked around. I spotted two (timber)wolves looking at me about 40 yards away. I stood up, realized I couldn't see more than five feet in any direction for the sagging branches and started yelling. A moment later I walked to their tracks. They had run back the way they had approached. Forty yards from where I saw them I shot a very large buck. I couldn't pack it out before dark due to a recent tornado's path so I worried all night that the wolves would eat it. No problem though. I have only seen coyotes so far but wolves are in SW Wyoming now too.


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