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  1. Mueske

    Ski Doo Alpine

    Hanson, Be careful what you ask for. We had a Polaris Voyageur in the '70s and indeed the track was 30" wide, wider than our '68 Mustang's 20" cleated track. The heavier, wider sled had reverse, neutral and forward and we eventually cracked the transfer case when we got bogged down in some slush once. Scary with a machine that probably weighed 800 lbs. as was the time my sister tried to keep up with us on an ice road. Great until there was a curve! Luckily it didn't hit her as it rolled a few times. Stick with your vintage Cats as at least they're lighter. BTW-I'm also looking at an Alpine to drag a XC ski track setter around at work. They can't turn worth beans unless they are better than they were in the late '60s. Kevin
  2. Mueske

    Favorite Fishouse Recipe

    When I was a kid I loved to eat onion and ketchup sandwiches on hard water. Maybe because they warmed me and the cold air was available to prevent overheating. I haven't been fishing that much as an adult but look forward to eating fresh perch, fried to perfection along with some french fries, cooked next to hole. Mmmmmmm, why do these threads keep coming up and making me hungry? Maybe hanson has a good suggestion: list favorite cold and hot foods. Kevin
  3. Mueske

    Albacore recipes?

    Mr. Woods, Yep! My dad lived there until graduating high school and returned for the second time to care for his mother 4-5 years ago. She's now gone (Pine Haven was a pretty good nursing home) and they'll remain until mom retires from IBM. She left a job there in 1972 when we moved to Leech Lake (Bena)to run our campground. In 1979 we bought a resort just outside Grand Rapids on Big Bass Lake. I needed to live even closer to heaven, so 22 years ago I moved to over 7100 feet at my house in Wyoming. My dad's family is all from the PI/Mazeppa/Kasson areas. I'd be surprised if you hadn't read a police report in the Post-Bulletin or PI Record (that takes me way back) about one of my relatives. Kevin
  4. Mueske


    Rat, I haven't skinned a squirrel in over 30 years but with cottontails one way I do it is grab their belly (nobody's sensitive here, right?) with my fingers and rip apart the skin to either side. I then pull up to the head and down the back, tossing the hide aside quickly before cutting off the head and feet, again quickly tossing them far away before the fleas find out their furnace went out. Hopefully they're still hugging the bunny, not me. I use snow to clean up and cool the carcass before putting it in my vest pouch and looking for more. When I get out of the field I remove the meat from the bone immediately. Kevin
  5. Mueske


    Mr. S, That sounds good. I remove meat from the bone as soon as I return home with cottontails and the wife dips them in flour (and egg?) and fries them up just like her chicken. While she's doing that I mix up some mustard: pretty hot for me, much milder for the kids. Mmmm, now you've got me hungry for those waskals. I usually wait until there's snow on the ground before chasing them but with current night temps in the low 30s I might make an exception... Kevin
  6. Mueske

    trout fishing wyoming

    When fishing alpine streams for brookies have a few white and one black Panther Martin, smaller is better. When a dozen have hammered your lure to the point that you can't make it spin well no matter how much you try to straighten it, use your spare. The black one may work when the white won't. On many trips into the Wind Rivers, from shore on lakes and streams and from casting from a boat, PMs and Blue Fox bucktails are unbeatable for all trout near the surface. Little late but take it from someone who lives in Wyoming: you won't need other types of lures usually. I have been having lots of luck the past two years trolling the 49-cent red/white or rainbow spoons for rainbows, cutthroat and an 18.5" brown last weekend. Just testing my small bucktail theory ya know. Kevin
  7. Mueske

    air filters

    You'll need the filters unless you can find the proper airbox. Good luck! Kevin
  8. Mueske

    Ghost Stories.................

    OK guys, I thought my story was touching. Wow! This thread is better than any daytime talk show as far as therapy goes. Keep it up! Kevin
  9. Mueske

    How did you find FM???

    Odd, I found it exactly the same way Hanson did! I have not yet made it to URL with my father, but that was the plan a few years ago. We have probably fished together only about 40 hours total and that includes the 1976 Muskies, Inc. tournament where I got 3rd place in the weight division and he got 13th I think in the release division. He wanted to go to LOW, I suggested URL for ice fishing and we never agreed (typical as you can imagine). He was in my boat a few hours in Wyoming this summer and refused to buy a license but has been begging for two years to meet me at Devil's Lake for walleye. We'll probably never fish together but it did bring me to this site, the best I've ever experienced. It's like a religion, one that I forced myself to shun for more than six months when my soon to be ex-wife accused me of chatting online with females looking for a good time. No sense adding fuel to the fire but now I do what pleases me. Getting windy but must add that in two weeks I'm taking my mother elk hunting/lake trout and kokanee fishing for two weeks. She is who I hunted with as a kid and fished with her father. She was much more successful in hunting than my dad and she took much more pleasure in it. That's why when my dad decided he was coming to Wyoming to hunt too I told him he wasn't welcome. I had begged my mom for 20 years before she consented and I wanted pleasant memories for all of us. Don't condemn me just yet: we all agreed that the week of camping we did this summer was the best time of our lives thus far. That's saying a lot for our family. I look forward to others' stories about finding FM. Kevin
  10. Mueske

    air filters

    Got the stock airbox? Keep it. It's best for preventing snow ingestion and allowing air into the carbs. I run individual foam filters on engines that have been transplanted only. If the stock airboxes would fit in different brand chassis I'd use them. Extra holes can be strategically added to airboxes, hoods, etc. however. Rejetting might be needed if used and it's doubtful there is a performance advantage with foam filters IMHO. Good luck! Kevin
  11. Mueske

    Pop-up tent style ice shelters

    I had one of those consarned tent things a few years ago. UPS delivered it on Christmas Eve so I tried to set it up in my basement and it kicked my butt. Too much eggnog? Not enough ceiling height I thought so I went outside. The wind played havoc with my new toy and the darkness didn't help. A few weeks later I tried to set it up once on the ice with my brother to protect our young kids from the elements. Two hours later (too much eggnog?), we finally concluded the thing was inside out, with the spider-leg frame working against us. Too cold to continue working on it, I put it in the garage and advertised it for sale. A guy came over one evening and we worked on it for an hour in the dark and wind, finally making it set up correctly. He gladly paid me $10 less than I paid for it and reports he and his wife love it for being lightweight yet roomy enough. I would have paid him $100 to have taken it off my hands! I love my Eskimo Quick Flip II a lot more. Perhaps if I had more patience the experience would have been more positive. If you get one make sure the Chinese who assembled it didn't play a trick on you like they did me. And stay away from eggnog! Kevin
  12. Mueske

    Ghost Stories.................

    A few years back my wife and I lost a near full-term son just two weeks before the due date. Beautiful boy; the whole community was grieving with us and made the ordeal a positive experience. A little more than a year and another miscarriage later I awoke to find our son standing at the foot of our bed. He appeared to be about six years old and asked if I knew who he was. I was at great peace when I answered with his name, Fritz. He told me that he had some news. "Mom's pregnant." I said I wondered if she was. "She is going to have twins. You're going to love them. They're great kids, a boy and a girl." He sort of disappeared from the end of the bed and then I woke up my wife. I told her what had happened and she said there was no way that she was pregnant. I sent her to the store and she returned with a pregnancy test. Yep! Positive. She tested positive at the doctor's office too and an ultrasound showed two fetal forms, one thought to have been a girl (Baby A) and a boy (Baby . This was at an estimated gestation of seven weeks. The twins, now in first grade, have been the best fishing partners a person could ask for and are aware of their older brother though there have been no more sightings. Not really a ghost story, just something that happened. Kevin
  13. Mueske

    Fish house insurance?

    TV Boy, You're right when it comes to explaining to some people what Minnesotans do naturally in the winter. I've put on dozens of autocross events for our Porsche Club and dealt with the insurance for each one, having no difficulty until I tried to schedule events on the frozen lake. Guy from Texas: "You know cars fall through the ice all the time. We can't insure you." Me: "If the plow truck goes through the 24" ice, we won't send any cars onto the ice." GFT: "I don't get it." We used a gravel pit adjacent to the lake once and a fairground parking lot a couple of times, knowing that others in Colorado used lakes without informing the insurance company. BTW-Insurance is a good thing to have on a trailer, even if the tow vehicle has it. I wrecked an enclosed car trailer once and paid the price. I got a rider right away once the dust cleared. Kevin
  14. Many fine stories folks. Besides the usual beavers, loons, sea gull- and duckling-grabbing muskies, deer, coon and moose swimming by, yesterday I saw a first. I was trolling a shoreline on Fontenelle Reservoir in Wyoming and saw a few speedgoats (pronghorn antelope) on the shore, close to the water. As I motored nearer I noticed two more in the water about 20 yards out in 50 feet of water, heading for the shore. They reached the beach and once out of the water they shook like labs for a full minute before grazing on the nearby grass with the others. Nobody I've talked to has seen this but with their hair being hollow (looks that way anyhow) they should float good. Kevin
  15. Mueske

    poison ivy treatment

    In the mid 1970s I was afflicted so bad I couldn't open my eyes. I received a stat dose of Kenalog by injection, then applied Kenalog ointment for 2-3 weeks. I used to trim a resort's hillside two to three times a year that was covered with the stuff, taking money from the customers' kids who dared me to eat the leaves. Worked for a while...Won't happen again. Kevin