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What happened to the old colored Marmooskas?


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I paint my own, but what happened? All I find is the bright ones or the Blue, Orange and Yellow. I used to be the operationsmanager for a Gander mountain. Most of the buyers for "big money" outdoor stores have been fishing only once when their dad brought them out-when they were five. Not to knock Gander, but come on man! I don't need to talk to a 16 year kid about- well anything. Why is everything flouresent these days? These bigwigs need to get back to why they're in business. This is the very reason I go to Vados. Detail is the key come tight lips. Sorry, I've been there. -NS-

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Marmooskas are hard to find, let alone find the color you want. I did well on the 12 black green with glow and the 14 hot pink white both tipped with spikes this weekend. Bluegills to 9 3/4 and redears up to 11 1/4 inch. A friend of mine had a 11 3/4 inch redear that was just awesome. He was using a 10 black orange. I am fishing central Illinois on state conservation property open to all the public.
E mail me at [email protected] and I'll give you the address and phone number where I have ordered them seperately and in bulk in the past.
Here to help. Rich

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Is a horizontal jig,I believe Russian made and fished throughtout Europe. They have strange color patterns and it is a pain in the ars to dig the paint out of the eye. They sure will catch the fish. They fish heavy and show up great on the Vex. One of my presentations is the pound. If fish are suspended I drop down to a foot or so above the fish then start a light pound that should make the jig just rock in a light quivver. Hold and pound above the fish which will probabbly rise to the bait, if he doesn't take keep pounding and slowly raise and he will very likely raise and take. If he drops to bottom go down after him and stop the jig slightly above and do the pound, raise and tease til you have him in your bucket. If no fish are showing suspended try starting 5 or 6 feet off the bottom with this presentation and you may be surprised at what comes out of nowhere to investigate. Or start at bottom and start teasing upwards. Remember to catch the high fish first and work your way down. Good Luck to all. Rich.

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I have been using them on light biting perch. I don't know the size but I am fishing in 45 foot deep water on Devils Lake with them. They show up great on the FL-18. They have real sharp hooks. I love em

Kevin Neve's Devils Lake Guide Service
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 701-473-5411 or 701-351-4989
Minnewaukan ND

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