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Angel Eye Jr. Technique?


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All right ladies and gents, I purchased some Angel Eye Jr's and have 1 question in 57 parts. I tried a search to find info on the technique's everyone is using with these but was unable to find the info.

I am primarily interested in Crappie and some Walleye.

1. How does everyone fish these? i.e. Short fast jigging, longer movements, etc.

2. Does the presentation change on Red Lake for the Crappie's?


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For the URL crappies, start with the Angle Eye up high, and watch it flutter down. The crappies will race one another to see which can smash it first. I've had URL crappies come off bottom and hit it before it got down even 5 feet. Even if they are not being that aggressive, they still like it higher up and on it's way down (especially with a fresh glow).

Flag Up!

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The thing about the eye is how slow it drops, how far to the side it goes, and how widely it flutters.

I always use big quick jigs, pulling the lure up a couple feet and letting it flutter back on slack line, when there aren't any fish on the Vex. That's a good way to attract attention. When I see fish moving in, I'll slow it down and jiggle it and flutter it and such, then let it sit perfectly still. Just like any other lure, you gotta let the fish tell you what they want.

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They work great for covering a wide area. They fall quite aways away form the hole. this allows you slowly jig it back to the hole dragging it on the bottom.

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Here is a technique on how to fish Angel Eye Jr.s from an older thread by "fiskyknut" that I found interesting.

Direct tie to a small crane swivel attached to the split-ring on the spoon. Bait with minnow head or in the case of smallish minnows the front third or so, then take and mash the minnows body into the splitrings and swivel, wipe the goo and scales off your fingers on the edge of the spoon.
Drop to about 3 foot above the bottom and let it hang first for about 20 seconds or so, then let it flutter to the bottom and lift and hang it about a foot or so off the bottom for 15 to 30 seconds. After this give it a fairly sharp lift of 1 to 2 feet or so, letting it flutter to the bottom 2, 3, or 4 times, on that last lift, drop it to about a foot up off bottom and hang it still for 20 seconds or so. Repeat the lift-drop and hang still, occasionally let it sit on the bottom for again 15-20 seconds or so before the lift-drop, also after letting it hang still now and then jiggle your rodtip ever so slightly before another lift-drop-hang sequence. Many subtle things to do with lures of this type, do some experimenting!!!

Good info fiskyknut!


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