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I have cured and smoked ribs in the past using a brine and rubbed with tender quick they kind of taste like ham with bbq sauce on them. I prefer the dry rubs then I smoke them with apple or maple wood at 225ºF for 3 hours spraying them down with apple juice every hour, then spray them down good once more wrap in double foil and either bake or keep in the smoker for two more hours. I can give you my dry rub recipe if you want.

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Always appreciate a good rib rub recipe SLB. Please be so gracious as to give it to us. Thanks in advance.

Now I'm going to have to pick up some ribs too.

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The Tender Quick has sodium nitrate in it which is a cure.

Sodium Nitrite is an other cure but in used different applications like ham and beacon. Either will give the meat a different flavor and appearance. So depending on what your cooking you may or may not want that. I'll use sodium nitrate in my brine when smoking fish and chickens. When I do a chicken I'll inject them instead of an overnight soak.

A basic brine would be 1 non iodized cup salt to 1 gallon of water. Use Tender Quick if you want the Sodium Nitrate characteristics. I'll often add 1 cup brown sugar to that brine, from there you can add what ever spices if you want.

I've made my own rubs but have been using Famous Dave"s rub and really like the flavor.

If your cooking ribs you could use that rub, I add brown sugar. Wet the rib down with vinegar then apply the rub with brown sugar. Wrap with tinfoil tightly so its sealed but before doing that add a few tablespoons of vinegar and bake at 250 for a few hours. Next throw the ribs on the grill with your favorite BQ sauce. What you what to do is not really cook the ribs but thicken the sauce and incorporate the favor into the ribs. Careful not to burn the sauce and don't over cook the ribs.

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2 cups sugar

1/4 cup paprika

2 teaspoons chili powder

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1/2 cup salt

2 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon garlic powder

Combine all ingredients in Tupperware or shaker and use as "rub" on your meat.


rack or racks of ribs

Barbecue Rub

Apple juice in a spritzer (New Plastic Spray Bottle $1.00)

2 or more cups BBQ sauce, your favorite.

Peel membrane off the back of each slab then rinse and pat dry with paper towels.

Take the rub and lightly coat both sides of the ribs.

Pre heat smoker to approximately 250 then add your smoke chips.

place ribs on rack and spritz them with apple juice repeat spritzing once an hour for the next 3 or so hours, when the meat is a nice dark color, spritz one last time and wrap tightly in foil.

Let ribs cook in foil for another 2 hours (No smoke required here), giving you a total cooking time of 5 hours.

You can feel when the ribs are tender (They bend rather than bounce back).

Unwrap ribs from foil and place them on cutting board.

Brush on your room temperature BBQ sauce slice into individual ribs and serve. Or serve sauce on the side.

Or just eat them and look at the sauce.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Yes, its a 110v motor. I would've preferred 12v also but not a big deal since all my 110v outlets can be fed from an inverter so they are powered whether the generator is running or not. I think what you mentioned with the single shaft between them will be the ticket. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
    • When I was a kid, we came across a small flock of pigeons along a railroad track while grouse hunting. Shot three and my mom put them in a crockpot with other ingredients and, although I prefer grouse, they weren’t bad. 
    • You should get the 30 amp power cord if you don't have one already. You can use the 30 amp power cord adapter(30 amp female to 15 amp male) for home use. Otherwise when at the campground plug the 30 amp power cord into the 30 amp receptacle.  Now your set for any situation.     Your 20 amp receptacle is protecting the wire from receptacle to breaker panel. Besides running the AC, your running a refrigerator, 110v receptacles, and convertor.  A 16 gauge extension cord is no good.  
    • I had a contractor do my garage floor.  Here is the work order and quoted amount.   Work To Be Done:
      *Epoxy concrete garage floor. (784sq.ft.)
      -­‐Shot blast surface of floor.  (Work  Shop area) -­‐Light acid wash over existing floor, let dry over night.
      -­‐Apply primer coat of commercial grade epoxy. (4mil 650 Armor seal)
      -­‐Apply flakes to primer coat, 100% coverage. (4mil)
      -­‐Shop Vac. Up flakes that didn’t adhere to the floor. (Colors will be gray and red in color)
      -­‐Apply coat of clear commercial grade epoxy.  (4mil)
      -­‐Final coat of Armor seal 650-­‐sealer coat. (2mil)
      -­‐Cure time-­‐ 24 hours for foot traffic and 72 hours for vehicle traffic before use.
      Total Cost: $3,400
    • I did see Menard's had the 0 Degree when I was in there last night.  Not sure what kind of tip connection you may have though?  A last resort if you have a Dremel tool is to try and auger it out with one of their metal tips?  But that may be a long-many Beer day! 🤤
    • I feel like if the power washer works, it's going to be the easiest and most fun way of removing that stuff.     $7 on Amazon.  
    • 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
    • its a ice castle ac unit; i believe the running watts are 1200-1400; nothing else would be running off this outlet; and i believe i purchased a 12guage cord to keep it plugged in to maintain the deep cycle battery and to provide power.   this also raises another question then... am I ok using a standard (16 guage perhaps?) extension cord to connect to the power source at campsites? If not, I should probably replace this...
    • Please don't do this! I have no problem running my camper ac off a 20 amp outlet!
    • You can but it would be much easier if you had some help. Biggest thing is to open the clamps up so it can sit on the boat quicker and give your arms a break.  I swapped out an 18HP for a 35HP and it was like trying to carry a 100lb sack of potatoes. Got it done but heavy. Today I would not even think of doing it myself but back then I was a little more hard headed. I am also assuming its a tiller with no controls to hook up. I would guess it will be around 125lbs according to Yamahas site.