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Micro jigs for panfish

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Who uses micro jigs for panfish?

The smallest jigs give me the most confidance.

What jigs do you use and like?

I have fished CJ&S 2 sposts alot, and when the fish are real small and finicky i have a few turner jones scampi jigs that are marabou 1/500 oz #16 hook and can really catch some little itty bitty fish. I have always been intrigued by micro lures. Often while gill fishing some how someone ends up tossing gills at my fishing buddy grin.gif, so I always need to be able to catch more ammo rather quickly.

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I have found the smaller the hook the easier it is to set and catch the fish. I have watched sunfish on my aquaview and seen the big sunnys actually have the entire hook in their mouth and the bobber does not move. When I set the hook nothing. It is almost like the fish knows what angle the hook is at and changes its angle so it wont get hooked. For panfish I buy the smallest lure and make very small taps and seem to have good luck triggering a bite.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • those are a different type blueberry plant then i'm used to seeing up north with the wild berries.   I just order 4 10 lb boxes of blueberries. thee from Michigan!!!!!!
    • I have some of them to but don't have a glue what it is.
    • American Tanager. I had one hanging on my suet feeder most of the day yesterday. haven't seen it today, but I sure hope he sticks around!!!!!
    • Not sure what this bird is called. It only wanted grape jelly. The orioles were thick on the feeders, there were a dozen at a time in the crappy weather. This was in douglas county.
    • I put in my tomatoes and peppers last weekend and built the greenhouses. All week it was nice and toasty in there. I opened one end to vent mid days. They were thriving nicely, leaf tips up. It is suppose to drop to 34 here tonight.  4th year blueberries in front. I pinched blooms the first 3 years. Finally get to try them this year. My rabbit fence is 18" and the snow was deeper. The rabbits put blueberry bush tips on their menu, all vegetative growth below the snow didn't get touched. I am going to re-fence taller around the blueberries by fall. 
    • I just had a bird at my suit that is the size of a cardinal. It was bright red with black wings. Anyone have a idea what it is? 
    • got back from bowstring and feeders were all empty. lotta birds here also. cool that you had some redstarts in. I have seen 2 so far this year. 
    • to bad Berrios couldn't get that last out in the bottom of the 5th to get the win. 15 runs and he couldn't get there. bummer!!!!
    • sweet!!!!!!!! lookin good!!!!!!!!!
    • The homerun derby that is the 2019 twins season continued lastnight! Holy cow is this team fun to watch! First time in MLB history a team had multiple 5 homerun games before June 1st.
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