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  1. Infra red is the way to go. Sams has them for 20 bucks and saw one at northern tools for 30
  2. Does anybody know if it is possible to buy just the fabric for a Trekker Deluxe? Mine is about 8 years old and the pinholes in the fabric are getting greater and its ability to keep the cold out is less. I goggled it but did not see anything.
  3. Kind of hate to spoil the fun but it was the small hole at the very tip of the fishing pole. It was new and I guess I would never have guessed it was the problem. Was shocked to see how fast this thread grew. Last I looked there were four posts today three pages. Glad I did not mail the fishing line back to trilene. Thanks for the help and the entertainment.
  4. I have been using Trilene XL forever. This year I am having a problem with it fraying or delaminating. I spool this on a Shimano Sedona reel. I bought a 1000 yard spool of 6 lb and it happened to me twice then bought a 100yd spool of 4 lb and it also happened. I have never seen this happen. Is this my reel or is Trilene line getting bad?
  5. 1967 45 HP chrysler is bullet proof. Been running great for the 20 years I have owned it and is easy to take apart and fix. I rebuild the carb and fuel pump every 4 years and have nad no problem with it. Also a 1971 4.5 HP merc kicker. Same thing. Runs awesome.
  6. I caught a couple of walleye today and noticed one of them (18") still had her eggs. I have never seen this before. I know what bluegill eggs look like but the walleye eggs were gray not salmon colored. I have never heard of a walleye reabsorbing their eggs before. The lake was almost 70 degrees and it is already June. I am curious if others have seen this and if it is common.
  7. eurolarva


    dehydrate them and grind them down in a food processor. A pinch will spice up anything. Just do it outside or if will feel like an Army CS tent.
  8. eurolarva


    I start pepper plants and onions now. The pepper plants need to be warm to germinate. I built a piece of plywood with string lights I got from Menards and had much better success with them. I have a few potted tomato plants and herbs I start now as well. Get a head start on the cherry potted tomatos so I can start eating my own earlier. My basil also can be harvested indoors under the grow lights. Got to pass time away. March and April are always the most boring times of the year. Doing the indoor seeds is like a hobby and helps pass time. If those tomato plants get to leggy you cut all the leaves off the bottoms and build a trench when you plant them in the garden. It will make for a better root system and help get them started better
  9. Keep in mind with a new furnace who ever you have do the install they will need to run 2 inch PVC from your furnace to the outside of your house. I had DJs in Alberville do my furnace. AC was still good on my house. For 299 I got a 10 year parts and labor warrenty. Probably wont use it but I had a rubber hose go out on my old furnace that ended up costing me 400 bucks on an emergency call.
  10. eurolarva

    Slush on lakes

    I fished Maple Lake for the tourny last saturday. I thought I was going to need an extension for my auger and inspite of it there was a bunch of slush under the ice. I am guessing 10000 holes drilled and a couple thousand trucks and fish houses all lined up in one area did not help. I bet the ice is safe but I would not try and drive on that stuff for fear of getting stuck. not for fear of going under
  11. This I found online from a whirlpool forum but is probably similar to your problem. If you are not technically competent and do not know how to use a voltmeter I dont suggest you do this. CAUTION: When you work on the microwave oven, be careful when handling the sheet metal parts. Sharp edges may be present, and you can cut yourself if you are not careful. 5.Remove the screw from the top of the control panel and pull the top forward. 1.Disconnect the electrical power to the microwave oven. 2.Remove the two outer screws from the top of the cabinet. 3.Pull the top of the air grille forward, lift the bottom tabs from the slots, and remove the grille from the microwave oven. 4.Open the microwave oven 5.Remove the screw from the top of the control panel and pull the top forward. Once you have access to the control board, Turn on the hood lights(on hi setting) and check for 120 VAC on connector P3 pin 1(yellow wire) to chassis ground. Then check for 120 VAC from connector P3 pin1 to connector P2 pin 1(green wire) for the same. No voltage on either test would indicate a bad control board. Voltage on the control board connections would indicate a broken wire, or receptacle problem
  12. I am using firefox and have the same issue. This is not just an advanced IE issue. Seems like about a month ago this site had a make over and after that for about a week the site was super slow and as time went by it has gotten better. I have to log in almost every other day using firefox
  13. Chrysler did not make motors in 1957. Might be gale. Chrysler started I believe in 1965. Try iboats under other motors. You are not going to find a carburator for that motor. You might be able to get a rebuild kit. The only way Twin City outboard will help you is you need to bring the carb to them and they will see if they have something that will match.
  14. I have a solo 137 and 20 holes barely dents my gas tank as well. My old strikemaster shot a rod through the case and I took it to drock. I was running 80 to 1 with amsoil sabre and the tech there said if I did that with the auger I bought from him he would not honor the warrenty. Stuff that gas is made of these days has a short shelf life and sometimes some of the junk starts plugging the filters and the carb and then you have a lean condition. If you have a lean condition at 100 to 1 or even 80 to 1 your chances of burning out your motor is much greater. I use sabre and use 2 pouches per gallon so I am running close to 40 to 1 where I should be and can still start my auger at -20 degrees. I use to be one of the amsoil preachers till I toasted my strikemaster. The mechanic says if you were to burn your engine out using amsoil good luck getting a claim on it. Chances are they will find something else wrong in your fuel system that can be blamed before the oil. If your auger is running rich which it sounds like it is doing you really should get it checked out by someone who knows how to service them. If you are in the Fridley area call DRock. They have real affordable and very helpful people there and will get you going in no time.
  15. I have an LX5 and an old aquaview scout with the sunfish camera. If I am fishing shallow under 8 ft I prefer to use the camera. If I had a choice I would go with the flasher every time. Camera is good for looking at structure and watching fish on the bottom but worthless for suspended fish. One thing I have noticed with the camera and it might just be my imagination but when I am not catching fish in an area I know is good sometimes after I put my camera down it seems like fish want to school with it. There have also been times I wish I had put a stinger hook on. Camera gets hit by northerns quite often. If I were you I would keep the FL8 and get a camera. Not sure how good they are now but the older ones like my Scout are terrible in the sun. Only way I can see anything with it is in a dark fish house
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