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distance between holes


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Great question. I put the camera about 2-3 feet away from the hole i'm fishing in. You would think the camera would spook them, trust me they don't. To be honest I think it attracts them. It's weird you'd think they'd be more interested in my bait, but some will just come in and stare at the camera. Pretty cool. Good luck.

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In my otter lodge, I'll drill 2 holes for fishing, and put the camera hole in between the 2, but closer to the sled. I'd guess it's 2' away or so from the other holes.

I normally do not have a problem with it, but this past weekend, my Daughter had 2 sunnies that decided to swim around the camera cable. At first I thought a Northern hit her sunny the way here rod bent trying to take the camera. smile.gif

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I have an old Vista Cam, still use it!

Here is what I do , I drill three holes

each hole about 20 inches apart, in 7 fow

to about 9 fow, hole number one I place

tip-up lively sucker,about 3 feet under the ice!

This is what I have good luck with!

hole number 2 same depth same minnow, sometimes i try different, I find suckers are good on my lake.

then the cam.I have someone sitting in the pick-up

on shore!

guiding me with the camera!

I hang the cam on a coat hanger!

Been doing this for 8 years!

It's a hoot!

Happy new years!

Good luck!

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