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  1. Tippman

    rage broadheads

    I shot a nice buck last year with Rage 3 blade and one of the blades didn't open. I took pictures of the carcass and you can tell plain as day, I never did find the arrow.
  2. Tippman

    Muskie Replicas

    I second Fittante
  3. Ossiwinnamakee used to be stocked but not any longer. I'm not sure why. I've heard there's still a few fish in there. Haven't heard anything about Kimball.
  4. Tippman

    Record Dogfish?

    Well it sounds like the head, body, and fins all looked like a dogfish. It was the scales that were odd and larger from what I heard. There was no decay in the one day burried in cool soil and the dnr guy took it straight in to be weighed and verified.
  5. Tippman

    Record Dogfish?

    I'm just as excited to find out as everyone else. My hopes are down now though but I can't wait to hear the final result!
  6. Tippman

    Record Dogfish?

    Alright here's the update so far. Sorry I've been busy and this lady moved departments so it's harder to keep in contact. She said the DNR has had a hundred questions because although the fish is shaped like a dogfish the scales are more carp-like. They aparently also said that it wouldn't be possible for carp and dogfish to interbreed?? Sooo, she's waiting for the genetic testing to come back on just what exactly this fish is, weird I know. Perhaps it is a cross.
  7. Tippman

    Mille Lacs Why the slow Bite?

    Well the guides I've talked to and from personal experience is that it's definately not great. Comparable to last year is what most have said and I agree the fish are spread out. Just got back from fishing a couple days with only a few fish sighted and no hook ups.
  8. Tippman

    Record Dogfish?

    Haven't seen her for awhile, I'll get the update next week.
  9. Tippman

    Record Dogfish?

    Here's a fishing story for you, believe what you want as I'm not even sure myself yet but definately interesting. Here's how it goes: A middle aged female co-worker causually mentions to me that she caught a "really big dogfish this weekend that weighted 17 lbs". I immediately asked where and what she used to obtain the weight and she replied "Oh just one of those old spring scales, but it's pretty accurate". I smiled and asked what she did with it, her response was "I burried it". So I go on to tell her she may have burried the state record dogfish as in her garden for fertilizer if it was anywhere close to that weight! Her interest was now sparked and she agreed it may be a good idea to try and "recover" the bowfin. (This is Monday night and the fish was caught Saturday) The next day at work she tells me she dug the fish up as her husband was telling her she had gone crazy. Since the record is recorded at 31 inches I had told her the best way to get a close idea was to grab a quick length measurement. Well she was happy to report her fish was nearly 37 inches! Dnr personnel were called and someone came out shortly after. He first got her license, then said this was going to be quite the story if it tested out officially as a bowfin. (Record fish apparently need genetic testing to assure their species) So now she's waiting to hear the official results from the Dnr. I told her I expect my name mentioned in her interview if it happens. I don't believe there are any pictures and it occured in west central Mn. Interesting story, I hope everything works out. You heard it here on FM first if it does.
  10. Tippman

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    I asked that too. Apparently a combined thread is "good enough"
  11. Tippman

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Some nice looking tigers on here. Grizkid that is one skinny muskie!
  12. Tippman

    LakeLady rods

    I've got a custom muskie rod from Kris. It is amazing. I love everything about it and I gaurentee nobody has a rod that looks like mine out there. Perhaps if I get ambitious enough I will have to snap a pic sometime.
  13. Tippman

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Well here's my first of 2009. A scrappy 35.5" which I'll take with the weather conditions this morning. Sorry it's blurry.
  14. Tippman

    Good luck!!!

    Yes, good luck to all fellow muskie hunters. I'm not too worried about getting cold after spending a week in the Boundary Waters with temps in the 30's almost every night and highs in the upper 40's to 50's.
  15. Tippman

    Season Opener- Where will you be???

    Close to home the weekend, Park Rapids area a couple days during the week.