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  1. They do make insulator type pads to put in your roof vents to help it from sweating when its cold.
  2. White Mountain smokers from L & M fleet are a great LP smoker for $170. Smokes the Tuli's in 5 hours.
  3. Fish House Supply has the vinyl coated rattle reel/ tip up line. Here is a link to there page http://fishhousesupply.com/houseaccessories.htm
  4. Don't knock the Jif!! I've had my jiffy for 22 years, drilled thousands of holes, only on my 2nd set of blades, never even replaced the spark plug yet! Don't even know how good jiffys customer service is, cause its never needed to be repaired! Not too many strikes going that long without a little TLC.
  5. Tip-ups and pagers.... Poor mans fishing to me!! Lets get down and jig em jiggin!!
  6. I had a Vex 20 years ago when there wasn't another flasher around. Hmmm............ Means something!!
  7. Fish House Supply has some pretty cool rod holders etc. http://fishhousesupply.com/icefishingelectronics.htm
  8. I have had 3 Otters over the past 10 years, they have all been great!
  9. I also use the same ones from Fish House Supply. Last year while fishing Red I went outside to bank the fish house. Thought I heard my drag going off?? when I went back inside the house my $110 rod/reel combo was on my Rod Holder pointing strait down the hole with the drag screaming!! Well I saved the rod and released the fish, a nice 42" pike! These Lewandoski Rod Holders work great and with the bent hook on the bar, the rod slips on and off great! Here is a link to them http://rattlereels.com/rodholder.htm
  10. I have built a few fish houses and used both Milacas and Fish House Supply's. Fish House Supply's are much firmer and are well worth the few dollars more.
  11. I'm in the same pickle..... Love my old jiffy, but I'm getting older and it only seems to get heavier every year. Its lasted 20 years without a problem and still has the original spark plug!! I need to update, but what auger will keep up to that track record? Thinking about the strikelite or the new German Solo??
  12. I didn't go the last 2 years because it's the same ol' thing year after year. Seems like the cars, trucks, 4-wheelers etc take up most the space! But I can't say enough for the deals that Reeds give! The only reason for me to go again?? just to see what Reeds is giving away!
  13. Nice job!! Looks great, but would look even better on ice!!!!! The ice will be here this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Single digits in Northern MN for next week, will be up there on some ice!!
  15. Your better off spending $170 for a Power Coverter that will charge your batteries with a generator for a few hours then spending a few hundred bucks on solar panels. If your batteries are dead it may take a couple of weeks to charge them with solar. Your generator will charge them thru the power converter in a couple hours while your watching TV! I have a 45 amp Power Converter from Fish House Supply with a 2000 honda. Great set up!
  16. Right now they are the best you can get!
  17. The Otter tubs are the best and will outlast any tubs on the market!
  18. The boats stored and the Fish House is ready to go! Love both seasons, but Ice fishing is now! Ice fishing Show is only 5 days away!
  19. I have a few of those spring bobbers, threw them away and bought a Power noodle from Thorne Bro's. No need to buy another spring bobber.
  20. I guess I could?? but I move my pointer down too many times all day. Its Ice fishing time man!!
  21. Vexilar has been around forever! You can't go wrong with any of there units!!
  22. I think its time for the Ice Fishing forum to be on Top!! over the open water?? Come on administration, there are currently 280 on the Ice Fishing Forum and 27 on Open Water Fishing!! I think its time!! Its time to talk Ice fishing, not fall fishing!! I'm ready to go!
  23. I have had Otters for years ( best portable made) as far as my 2 cents goes! they had a year or 2 with problems, but now there back on track and I have 2 with this style of window. Best feature they ever had! You can't go wrong and there customer service is 2nd to none!!
  24. Like Paul said, Fish House Supply has some great lighting. If your looking to buy cheap?? not sure. If your looking to buy quality, check them out. You do get what you pay for! they normally get it to you in a day or 2.
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