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  1. I would like feedback on setting up mock scrapes and using a scent dripper. I have done this several times with limited sucess. Is everybody having good results with this technique and what type scents are the best for using?
  2. Beaverbrook up in the Ham lake area. I believe they were open to the public prior to rifle season. they are on the web.
  3. I am thinking of getting the Patternmaster choke specifically for Black Cloud. I would like to know if anybody has one and if they noticed a difference with or without it. Second I would like to know if it would screw onto a Remington barrel that currently uses a Remchoke system.
  4. go online to buy wax. I bought a ton of it last year. Dux wax I believe is the brand you want. regular canning wax will be to brittle and it will break up. bee's wax or Dux wax will hold together. It comes in 3# blocks with instructions. You can reuse it many times over. Google DUX WAX
  5. Rainfeathers I hunt in the Swatara area north of you. I too am debating about this weekend. I was hoping for a little more weather this week up north to get them going. I haven't seen may ringers at all where I usually do. How has the season been for you to date? I am way down from last year on birds.
  6. I hunt in central mn and are contantly having to deal with swans. I know there are at least one pair of nesting trumpeters in my area. I had to boot them out of my dekes a couple times on Saturday. Are they looked upon as good or bad for hunting? I always hunt on water.
  7. thanks. I will hold off till the northern ducks come down and try the #2's on them.
  8. Sooo,. It is worth $70 to try the Patternmaster specifically for Blackcloud?
  9. I am currently running rem-chokes. They work well within 30 yards but I had a lot of cripples later in the season last year. Kept hammering them but no clean kills. I never shoot outside 45-50 yards, ducks only. Thought the Patternmaster would help clean up the cripples at that distance.
  10. I started to shoot Blackcloud late last season and thought it worked good. I am interested in purchasing a Patternmaster choke to try for late season mallards. I see Patternmaster makes one specifically for Blackcloud. Has anybody purchased this particular choke? Does it enhance your patterns at 40-50 yards? I would be purchasing the modified version.
  11. I just got back from the Swatara area. Hunted Wednesday, Thursday. Very little action. One group of mallards each morning. No signs of ringbills either. Nothing flying after 8am. The weather was great, not for ducks though.
  12. If I was missing I would be knocking them down, or have a pillow full of feathers floating in the air after shooting. Just having issues with quick kills.
  13. Hunted ducks this weekend in the Rapids area and did very well. I had a lot of trouble "killing" the birds on the first shot however. It took two and sometimes three to finish the job. I was shooting Winchester 3" #4.. I had some old federal 2 3/4 mag 4's that worked great. What's the deal with new shells? Any words of wisdom regarding brands?
  14. New to the Auqa view seen. I have read that you can use them from above looking down or the same depth looking sideways. The blogs are saying 2 to 7 feet depending on clarity. Which is the best method?
  15. Im new to the camera game also. Do most fishermen put the camera at the same depth as the bait, or do they put the camera above the bait and have it pointing down?
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