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No snagg jigs



I have never used these jigs before and was kind of curious about the wire guard.

I got some Lindy ones and the way they come in the box, it looks like if a fish was going after it they would hit their nose on the wire guard the way it sticks out, heh!,
obviously spooking it away.

Question is, how is the guard suppose to be,

just the way they cam ein the box sticking up about a 1/4 inch past the tip of the hook?

or do they need to be adjusted?


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I have been trying these jgs a little this summer. There ability to climb over logs is great. And I also like the swimming action. I have been ptiching them to some snag infested shorelines on the rivers.
There could be some inprovements to the jig. The wire weed gaurd is one of them. I have been bending the weed gaurd so that the last .25" of the wire runs parralel to the hook shank. I have also tried snipping some of the wires off. Dont think it needs so many. I have also had to take the group of wires and untwist them and spred them out.
My perfict idea of a jig is to have larger hook gaps and longer shanks for fishing plastics. Two fiber weed gaurds. More weight choices with hooks that dont change with the weight of the jig.
My plastic and minnows dont change size why would I want to put a smaller hook in the same size bait.
It would be nice to find a mold for the veggie jigs and be able to make my own adjustments to them.

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