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Anyone interested in playing some puck?

Hockey Guy

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I’m looking for a few people that are interested in playing pick-up hockey on Saturday nights at Eagan Civic Arena. We occasionally have some ex-D1 guys, all the way down to people that haven’t played organized hockey before. Everyone knows the rules so it's not like there is some Melvin that is always offsides or anything.

There’s always two goalies (we had one that didn't show about three years ago, but he hasn't been invited back since). It would be great to get a few more guys that at least played H.S. hockey. Right now, I would say 70% of the guys played at least H.S.. We have the ice for 1.5 hours and split the cost by the number of guys that show up. It usually is $6-$8 but could be as high as $9. Still not bad for an hour and half of hockey. We like to have 14-20 guys, but lately we have only had 10-12 showing up.

Rules are just like any open hockey. Slap shots are fine but keep them low if anyone is in front of the net. No checking, no fighting, blah, blah, blah.

Some guys wear full equipment, but most just wear helmet (required), skates, shin pads, elbow pads, gloves, and cup. The age of the guys range from 22-50.

It's all about having fun and getting some exercise! No one is playing for the Canada Cup here. The schedule is posted on this HSOforum: www.hellfishhockey.com

This is not an arena sponsored deal. The ice is rented under Serafini hockey. Check out the HSOforum and come out if your interested. You can ask for Serafini or Smitty (that’s me). I will check back for replies if anyone has any questions.

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I think I played with you guys before... It was a fun skate. I'm doing Fridays in Roseville, as well as league play. I'll keep your reminder if I have a Saturday open, and send your info along.

Hockey Regards,


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