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  1. this hog weighed in at 18.3#. If accurate, it's a new state record. Supposedly It was caught off the east side near Hunter's Point? EDIT: Correction, this is a canadian fish... see posted link below. Huge fish. I wonder where this pic my dad emailed me came from?
  2. still looking for people? I played some pre-hs and still skate alot with kids in mites...
  3. i'll dispute jiffy's claim to fame. Unless you can put a exact year on it, my grandpa and a freind of his who was a metal worker but an auger that ran off an electric motor that they jumped to the battery of an old airplane fusalage they put skis on and used to drive around on mille lacs in the early 40's. They had taken the wings off and put skis on and got around on the lake that way. they also, like I said, built an auger. little off subject, but fact. I have old pictures of them out there that I got from my dad.
  4. happy b-day. Have a beer on me. (i'm good for it... really)
  5. posted in the aitkin forum, but no response... anyone know the thickness on hickory, across from farm island? I want to run up there this weekend, or next friday(12-10) for sure
  6. Quote: Is there two such animals? and if so...whats it used for? BANKING HOUSES!!! and frozen pout hockey.
  7. beer batter is right, if you use plastic on the bottom, some wind comes up, there goes the house... unless you anchor it down good. Also, plastic will be very slippery when wet on the inside. Just use marine grade or green treat plywood. You can go with 1/2 inch for weight reasons. Or you could try 1/4 " plywood. I would think it doesn't need to be very strong because it'll be resting on ice. I've been thinking about going 1/4 on my suitcase for wieght reasons.
  8. use a chipper blade auger.
  9. Quote: i have a pair of lacrosse and really like them, but i am having a tough time finding replacement liners. i know that columbia bought out lacrosse last year i think, and now i haven't seen any lacrosse boats out at the normal stores....anyone got any info?. I just boughta pair of replacement linersat fleetfarm. They have the LaCrosse liners.
  10. you can also try this one. http://www.lmic.state.mn.us/chouse/naip03mrsid.html it's pretty good and pics are from 2003 edit - I compared the same pic side by side and sohaad, the site you provided has the pics a little clearer. they are the ecaxt same source too, i can tell by the cars on the bridges.
  11. is it something easy to do? for a chipper blade. Can I take it somewhere and what is the cost? Or is it easier to just buy a new one?
  12. could be members that are just not logged in. Sometimes at work when I am reading posts, I am not logged in.
  13. get the revolution, it's a great bag. I have mine and can get 6 rod/reel combos in it easy, and there is a middle spot for all my tackle AND i even put a couple of those wire rod holders in there. Can't wait to see the look of envy on the old man's face when i pull this out on the first ice fishing trip this year.
  14. so the answer is, A - your just so blind.
  15. based on this info, how many people will just post useless posts just to get their post count up and get a different title?
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