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M68 Ice Machine - maps?

Uncle Grump



I am looking at upgrading my ice sonar - I currently have a Hummingbird 200DX on the boat, and a FL8 for ice. Which ever sonar I get for ice, I intend to use it in the boat as well (use in addition to the 200DX).

I've got the choices narrowed down to a Marcum LX3 (updated flasher) or the M68 Ice Machine (flasher or graph mode, plust the GPS/mapping).

My question concerns the map capability of the M68. From what I can tell from playing w/ the M68 simulator, the map which is loaded in it is a generic map of the US, w/ most major roads and lakes, but no contour data (for the lakes). From what I've seen of the literature for the M68, the map looks to be fixed - that it can't be programmed w/ contour data, etc.

Can some one confirm this? I have not seen the M68 up close to lay my hands on it. I should add that I currently have a hand held GPS (yellow Etrex).

At this point, I am leaning toward the LX3 - assuming the M68 maps can't be programmed.



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Yep, I called Lowrance myself to ask them if the m-68 would accept Lakemaster software and they said not at this time. I asked if they are going to in the future and they think they will. The guy told me that their inland lakes and rivers are very detailed but didn't accept any software. They told me to watch their HSOforum for updates and new products. It might be worth the wait. Otherwise if you want mapping and lakemaster on a locator, find a way to rig a X-19 on a portable ice box and let me know so I can buy stock in marine batteries grin.gif

Good Luck

Corey Bechtold

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If you're looking at the x67 to use in the winter and summer be sure to get the Ice Machine package. It has an ice mode for the flasher the gives better seperation and less surface clutter. I just got mine back from Lowrance to update the software with the ice mode.

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