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Elderly and Handicap Riders


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Should they be able to use an ATV in areas, even if it's "closed to motorized vehicles", for recreational riding and/or hunting?

I'm all for allowing the elderly and handicapped person to use an ATV basically anytime/anywhere. How about you?

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Good point. We could work on this clarifcation, Gissert. Certain state/county forests may be closed or partially closed in the future. Certain trails in state/county forests may be closed to ATV use.

These general types of trails are the ones I have in mind.

Wildlife Management Areas are basically closed to motorized vehicles, for the most part. Some have some ATV trails. Concerning WMA's, I'd be willing to allow the handicap to use ATVs.

More than likely, if the elderly person needs some mobility help getting around on the trails, they probably have a disabled permit for driving a car already. That "could" be a criteria for being allowed to use an ATV also.

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YES THEY SHOULD!! WHY SHOULD THIS EVEN BE DEBATED. DOES EVERYONE WANT TO OUT LAW ATV'S ALTOGETHER. WHY SHOULD ANY OF US DENY THE ELDERLY OR HANDICAPPED THE SAME EXPERIANCES WE HAVE. This is a very touchy subject with me. Yes I know there are bad eggs out there that don't follow the rules. But it seems a lot of people think no one should use them. How many different way is there to explain to some one that this is the only way they can get out there. Maybe we should outlaw boats for duck hunting. walk it and no decoys or dogs. you shoot it swim for it. come on get real and enough with the atv hunting debate.

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