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Frabill Ultra-light Bottom Configuration?


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Bought an Ultra-light last year. Wanted it specifically to pull into small waters. Was getting along great until first time it snowed. The thing pulls like a bale of hay. There are some 'formed' squares between the runners I assume are for the optional modular seating system.

Emailed Frabill and got a nice note back but no ideas to help. Got some wide plastic I plan to try to fashion something to cover these things but wondered if anyone else has ideas? thnx..g

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The Frabill 6080 Ultra Light at #32 is a very lightweight unit, not much to pull or drag. Any pre-molded floor has it's benefits, and drawbacks.

Try keeping most of your extra weight in the rear, that usually helps. Try to keep your gear load to only what is needed, pack light.

Experiment with adjusting the tow rope length to maximize lift and reduce drag. While you’re at it I recommend adding a 6" section of silicone tubing onto the pull rope. It acts as a handy centering device and a comfortable tow handle and also fits over a ball hitch for short pulls. The clear silicone Ag tubing will not crack up in the cold, avoid PVC hose as it will chatter.

You can also do a good heavy coat of Armorall on the sled bottom now while it is warm and dry. It helps some, and an occasional touch up during the winter will help keep it sliding along smoothly.

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Not much to pull or drag? shocked.gif

Man Eddie, I had to go to your homepage to see just how big you were. wink.gif Thanks - Some good suggestions and I'll try them. The weight was a big selling point for me. But, as an example, last year I was sinking some brushpiles and pulled two cement blocks, a chainsaw and a roll of wire a half-mile on a plastic sled. No problem. This thing feels like it has a 2x4 bolted across the bottom.

Believe me Augur, if I don't find a remedy it will go down the road.

thnx.. g

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I had the same problem with my clam 5600. It reminded me of dragging a deer out of the woods.... So, I sold it and bought a voyager. Hopefully, the sled will cure the problems.


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