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vexilar which transducer 12 or 19 degree


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buy the upgrade for the fl 18 and you can switch cone angles, what fish are you targeting, if your trying to locate you want to cover as much water as possible through each hole, so the wider cone is better, but it also takes more juice, decreaing battery time, Spend the extra 30 bucks and get the switch. Thats what I did.

Best Fishes


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Consider the LX3 or LX1. You don't need multiple cone angles or suppression cables with these units. The Marcums have a 20 degree cone angle giving you a bigger view of the water column and they work effectively in deep or shallow water.

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Had the exact same question so I emailed Vex:

"You should be pleased with the 12 degree. The only

thing you'd gain by going to a 19 is a bit of distance

when going for suspended fish. My experience has shown

that when there's a lot of fish around, the smaller beam

is nice because it's cleaner, only showing the fish

that are close to you. However, if the fish are few and

far between, the wider cone will pick out a fish where

the narrower cone will show a blank screen.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Hope this helps,, g

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My response to this question is always this: get the narrowest cone angle you can get away with. It shows you a more accurate picture of the bottom. A 12 degree shows you much more accurately exactly what the depth is below you - especially on a sharp break - much better than a 19 degree or the 20 degree of the Marcum. It is a much cleaner picture overall. It's a balancing act between having a useable amount of cone angle and having too much. For most people in most conditions, a 12 degree is a good compromise.

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