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  1. I found an auger laying out on the ice a week ago. I left it at the boat landing. It had fallen off someone's sled.
  2. I have my FL-18 hooked up to my Minnkota bow mount with universal transducer. It is like ice fishing when you are sitting still.
  3. Heavy jigs and shiners for the river. I may go up myself around that time. It is a great time of the year for big fish.
  4. I would let out at least three times the depth to hold. You can use a second anchor if you want to stay still.
  5. I would have to agree with PerchJerker. Everyone has different tastes and needs. I never could see why someone needed a large, fully rigged boat until I fished out of one. All I can say is it is incredible. I could never fault anyone for having a rig like that. I would if I could.
  6. You can't have a live fish in water. We use ice in the livewell or cooler for any fish you want to keep. This must be to eliminate culling or something. The possesion limit is two per person per day.
  7. Return it where you purchased it if it is bad. Shimano is pretty good about standing behind their products. It sounds like something is wrong. You don't have line wound up under the spool, do you? Check that first.
  8. Take a good look at Ganders Ultimate Titanium series rod. A great rod for $120 with great warranty.
  9. I have fished the St. Croix last two Fridays. Five nice fish last week and six today. Great way to jump start the season.
  10. Yes to all, and it is stronger than anything I have ever used, in the mono lines. I have straightened out jig hooks on snags using 8# Gamma while fishing the river.
  11. I agree on the butt issue! I see them floating all over the lakes in the summer and on the ice in the winter. Every stop light has a drift of butts. If yo are going to smoke, at least keep you butts and properly dispose of them. I pick up a truck full of trash ever winter from local lakes. If I see people tossing trash, I will make a point of pointing out the error of their ways. At 6'4", 250, they may have it placed somewere uncomfotable by me! You are utilizing a natural resource, keep it like you find it!
  12. LOW about 5 years ago, I was out in the Gap with 40 MPH wind. We stayed in the protection of Pine Island, but one fool came by us and attempted to go out on the lake. He stood his boat straight up when he hit the first big wave, that I would estimate at at least 10' high. I am suprised he was able to turn and get back in without rolling. On the way back in, we had the full snap on cover on my brothers 18' Tyee. One wave came over the front and washed completely over the boat. It felt like we were in a submarine. That cover paided for itself that day!
  13. I tried the rubber bungie arond the trailer frame, but didn't like the inconsistant tension. I riveted a series of J hooks on the trailer and use a UV resistant rubber stranded cord that has a braided exterior. I has held up very well, without a ripple on the cover at 70 MPH. I did incorporate a single fiberglass bow between the console and the transom.
  14. Last summer I was pitching a plastic worm into shoreline brush. I was having a bad day, and was about to hang it up. I was coming up to a point, and when I reached that point I was going home. I caught a 20" bass, so I quickly retied. At the tip of the point I had a solid thump, so I set the hook. After swinging out to open water to land the fish, I noticed that it was a muskie. C&R a nice 36" muskie. What a nice end to an otherwise slow day.
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