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  1. I mixed the 3hp power with opti oil at 100:1 my mistake and it blew up so I bought a new 2hp from reeds last February .i had a spare shaft so I just bought the 2.5 engine from d rock to have as a spare.i.ve changed plugs and followed the instructions .my 3hp used to start in 4 or 5 pulls.-24c today neither auger would fire.
  2. Harvey are you priming yours in the start position or in the run.would you take the air filter out and give it a shot of ether straight into the carb.my shoulder is getting tired.anyone use opti oil no amsoil where I live.
  3. I used to have a 3hp it started great then it blew up.i try starting like the instructions when it's warmer out it starts in about 10 pulls ,colder forget it.i thought with system you can prime as many times as you want and it will not flood.
  4. I did a carb kit on the 2.5 didn't help .when it's warmer they start not too bad .once it gets colder might as well burn them.
  5. How are you finding to start your solo in the cold i have a 2 and a 2.5 horse that are terrible to start in 5 below weather. spark is strong but will not fire. i only prime until fuel goes back in the tank like instructions. I pull 20 times without a hint of firing .
  6. does anyone have the new strikemaster honda ice auger .just wondering how it is for starting in the cold and how it cuts.does it come with chinese made blades.
  7. on my quick flip 3 .i put velcro on the tub and on the reflectix.i also sewed velcro on the back edges of the canvas on my shack.it holds it in place great this way i just loosen it when i'm going to collapse my shelter so it is easier to fold down.
  8. how are you guys starting your solo's on the first pull .i sure can't .i choke it and prime it only once and it takes 5 pulls the quickest sometimes 10.the solo's are fast but i have had a recoil problem and now the shaft to the clutch broke in my gear box.not too impressed.
  9. i bought a chipper blade shaft for mine as well.it's cuts fast i see guys with their jiffy's watching me how fast it cuts,but my old 2hp tecumseh was easier to start.i live in manitoba canada hopefully i can get it fixed this week not too many weekends left for fishing.
  10. just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with their strikemaster gear box .i just purchased a new solo in december and today i just felt a click as i was drilling and now the shaft doesn't turn.not impressed.
  11. i just purchased a new shaft with the chipper blade and am impressed how quick it cuts.hopefully the blades will stay sharper longer.
  12. which of the two are more durably have the lazer pro but i find the blades are going dull fast.thinking about getting a shaft with the chipper blade.does the chipper cut fairly quick as well and is it easier to sharpen
  13. 793bob

    ice 45 gain

    had my ice45 in 20 feet of water today and had to turn the gain way to 20 to see my jig. i was using a 3/8 buckshot jig.in the manually it says the gain will go up to 25 but i can turn mine up to 50 before it stops .anyone else have to turn their gain that high.
  14. just wondering if anyone has a hand held depth finder that shoots through the ice.how good do they work.my wife just bought me one made by hawkeye.
  15. i would go with the strikemaster ,the engine is made in germany and the shaft in sweden.the new jiffy engines are made in china,strikemasters customer service is great.
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