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Energy bar ?


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Attended the local PF banquet last weekend while hunting in ND. Won a box of these new energy bars. After reading the label, my question is: Where does the energy come from? Does not a dogs metabolism differ from humans in that they derive their energy directly from fat vs. converting carbs into sugar? Is this just a ploy to plug a product that is nothing more than a "treat"? Reading the reccommended rate of consumption for the bars would allow little room for my hounds supper. Any insight from someone in the know? Would they provide relief to a hungry hunter maybe?

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bryce, if your theory were the case, then most pointers, g.s.p.,wire weeners, drahthar's etc. would'nt have much reserve to draw off of. my gsp is as high energy as they come, at least she did when she was younger. still pretty high strung.

i used to feed dog food that was in small pellet form. it was more rapidly absorbed into there system. i would bring it with when we were pheasant hunting, and give them a couple of cups around mid-day, and they would perk up and have no trouble going the duration of the hunt.

i am in no way trying to shoot your theory down, as it could very well be fact, but it just occured to me(and you know how i like to mix things up wink.gif )

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