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Hang on or pound in stands?? Tree stand tips&trick


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Howdy Fellows in the Field,

Do you all out there prefer the portable hang on stand or the kind that are nailed to a tree? I can see the merit of either, but I prefer the nailed on platform stand (where legal of course). I think that with the proper scouting they can be placed in a spot that you will undoubtly see the deer you want to see. Initially sometimes the presance of a stand may spook some of the deer, but after a month or so even the wariest deer will accept it is part of life. I find benifit in these stands because of their comfort. I can sit on a pail, bench, or "chair" in those stands and be comfortable for days on end. This makes it easier to stay on stand longer and lessen the usual fidgeting that happens. Longer on stand without fussing, more deer you can see. Also, I can add sides, a cammo burlap cloth, slats or tree limbs to the stand to conceal me further and break the wind (Keeping me warmer and not dispersing my scent all over). Those are the reasons I like a built stand, but sometimes when you need to adapt and move you do need a hang on, that is why I have a few. Also when I hunt public land they are a nessicesity.

As far as tips and tricks I do have a few. First, as I eluded to before, I like to put "walls" on my stands. I use anything from burlap, wood, and even an old cover for my hottub. As long as it has been there a while, deer will get used to it, cammo does help for bow though to blend in. I also like to put carpet on the floors, for the simple reason of silence. With carpet my boots don't scrape the wood and when I get in and out my footsteps on the platform aren't as loud. The seat is another important part of the stand. I have friends that drag up Lazy-Boyz and couches but I don't go that far. I like a good old bucket seat with a snap on cushon top, and an extra cushion seat that I bring up. Having the tree or sides to lean on is also a nice feature, especially if you have a tendency to doze off. I also have installed mirrors on some of my stands. These are NOT the 20 dollar ones you see at Gander. Mine are simple cosmetic mirrors that I pay a dollar for at the Dollar Store. They work just as well as the expensive ones, plus leaving them out all year gives the deer a chance to get accustomed to them being there. One last thing I put on some of my stands is a good padded hook for my bow, or a V shaped pad to rest my gun. I try to place them where they are not too visable over the top. Well that is everything for me on stands, let me know what you guys do, I could use some advice!!

Let the Spirit Run Wild,

- "Ted"

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Ok "Ted" i've got a question for you. What do you look for, as far as placement of your stands? Do you place yours in the thickest nastiest places you can find, with some sign of deer activity or do you find a nice oppening next to some older growth of woods with supper deer highways running through?

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