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Nice outdoor encounters

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Dad and I were up in sag fishing in early August. It was one of those days were it was calm-slight breeze, some very spotty rain clouds, and hot/humid when the sun peaked.

It was about 2pm in the afternoon we have only caught about 2 eyes, both dinks and were released, and a few northerns.

We were out fishing next to one of the many islands out there, dad and I were talking, then dad calles out "Here Walter, here walter, walter, walter..." (the walleye)

About 30 seconds later this hen mallard duck flys right over our heads. It circles the boats then lands about 2' from the outboard motor. It scares the living dump out of dad as he was sitting in the back and caught it out of the corner of his eye.

So now we are sitting there in amazement in what just happened. We watched it for a little bit then it swims to the side of the boat. Then we remember we bought along some old bread to get rid of and give to the seaguls. I get it out, its only about 3 pieces, and start breaking it and throwing it to the duck. It gobbles the pieces up, then it turns around looks up into the boat like it wants to fly in. All of a sudden it flys up on top of the livewell box. Dad and I are like, "WOW, is this really happening". Lol I give it another piece of bread, then I tried to pet it and now it flys back out of the boat and into the water. Now it swims around the front of the boat to the other side I throw it another piece of bread, then it flys up onto the railing on that side!

I then remember we had a camera along in the tackle box, so I rush to get it while the duck is just sitting there. Then I take a few little pics. Then it hops back into the water, I throw it the rest of bread, eats it then turns around like saying good bye then takes off and flys away. Never seen the duck again! We couldnt really believe what happened. Im just glad we got some photos of it, its definitly one of those things I will remember for a long time.

Here are 2 pictures I got...

Duck 1.jpg

Duck 2.jpg

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Cool. Interestingly enough, I think we may have met the same bird. We spoiled some mallards in May when we were up there. I was with my boy and we were feeding some mallards, and when we ran out of bread, I fed them a couple of crushed Kit Kat bars. OK, perhaps not the best food for a duck. Of note, one of the hens we were feeding was not shy at all. She came right up to the boat. Same critter perhaps????

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nice story and pics, last year i was sitting in my stand bow hunting, and it was very cold outside so i had on a mad bomer hat. Well i was looking over to the right at a deer, when all of the sudden out the corner of my eye i could see a big white spot coming at me. It turns out it was a Grouse hawk, and it was trying to attack the fur on my hat! I dang near almost fell out of my tree stand.

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