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  1. good thing I like leeches and crawlers... crawlers are free as I get them in the back yard and leeches I get by the pound, but they're getting expensive too..
  2. WRONG! Once your limit is reached your done fishing. Once another fish is into your posession your OVER. If your holding it to unhook its IN your posession limit, net it and bring it into the boat, in your posession limit. If you do that with your limit in the livewell already then your over your limit = ticket. To simply put it once your limit is reached your done! C ya, bye, gone!
  3. I would make my own dolly for the front of it. I think a old snowmobile ski with a carbide runner on it for good traction on ice would be slick! Better than plowing dolly tires through the snow since the skis would attempt to go over the top.
  4. I think the only people that care if they are killed are PETA and the government since its a protected bird. Everybody I talked to so far hates them. I only ran into one person that didnt think killing them wasn't the right thing. He didn't understand that they eat anyfish available and can disrupt the food chain in the process.
  5. A longer snell is a good idea only if you have enough floation on the other end. With a 6' snell and just a plain hook your snell would sink about a foot or more otherwise. With a float on the line and maybe a floating jig head you can get that bait up high and above the fish. There are a lot of good ideas in this post. Just all the questions you should be asking your self when out fishing.
  6. Id go 2 ATV's with chains on them!
  7. Who wants to haul it out of the bottom of the lake? We have a 10x16 house that is on skids that gets pulled out. We never used it last year since the ice was bad, that sucks. We pull ours out on a 4-wheeler (if snow allows) on 14" of ice and it still cracks a lot. Id at least wait for over a a foot of ice.
  8. If you live "Up North" your driving habits are not going to change. In the winter its hard to get away with driving car. In the summer I didnt change my fishing habits at all. The only thing it did was took a bigger chunk out of the wallet. When you have to fill up a 40 gallon tank in the boat and 40 gallon tank in the truck... its going to cost a bit no matter what. I didnt change my habits this summer. If I could get away with doing it I might have but I couldnt.
  9. Ok, thats what I thought too. I was just trying to expand my options. On another question, How do you guys attach a 6' leader to the leadcore line? I peeled the lead back and tied the mono to the outside coating stuff and after trolling a few times with it it snapped on me! Good thing I found my lure so it was a cost-less mistake. Just wondering if it was a bad knot or just bad line?? Not the right knot or what? I tied a Uni-Uni knot. Like I use to attach my mono backer to PowerPro on my baitcasters. What do you guys do?
  10. Im looking at buying some Jet Divers or some Dipsy Divers. Im not sure what I should get here. I will be targeting walleyes in the 20'-40' range with either some crankbaits or spinner-rigs. I was just just wondering what brand and size would be good to start out with? Or in what situation will either one work better for? I figured I would get some opinions of them on here before I go out and actually spend some money on something that might not be worth it.
  11. This flasher is just another step up at improving their Fl-18. Its a little better so your going to pay a little more. If it would of been something totally different they might as well of went and named it a Fl-28 and keep that tradition up! It just has a little more zoom and no more sun visor on it. Looks like a great unit to me. To bad I like my Fl-18 too much that I dont think I need the new Fl-20. Even though I do like the new screen, I dont need to spend $500 just for that! My dad has a Marcum and I dont like it. It takes to much time to learn a new unit over and to get used to it. But once you get used to a single unit, its just as good as anything else out there!
  12. How did that taste? I got some Lakers and some salmon to fry up from a recent trip to Superior. I might have to give this one a try with the laker! I think the salmon will be on the cedar plank though.
  13. Dont be afraid to use heavy line. I normally use 12lb line, like Trilene XT. I have used 17lb XT if I am fishing in water with pike and snags. Otherwise I would go with 12lb and nothing less. The lure is moving by at 1-2 mph so it doesnt make that much of a difference. I also have tried Trilene XL, NOT good. It always resulted in something bad happening.
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