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Stay N Charge Led Light


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A question for Jim Payne.

I returned from my vacation yesterday and the Stay N Charge was delivered and waiting for me at home. I talked to you a week or two ago with installation questions, and put them to use today.

I mounted the curcuit breaker under the fuse cover and ran the positive end off that to the nut where the double red lines junction off the positive line from the battery on my F-150.

On the icehouse wiring I cut the stud rings off the end of the wire run so that I could pass the wires through a smaller hole, and then re-attached new stud rings to hook to the battery's.

It was very easy to hook everything up and I notice that a Led light will be on all of the time on the connector comming off the back of the truck. I have not had any experience with these lights and would like to know if there is much draw over an extended period of time if the vehicle is not used very often?

Cant wait to try this system out.



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Hey Ron i am glad the install went good. The led is on so you always know it is working. The light has such a small draw it can be left on for months and it would not drain the starting battery. It also helps you find your truck at night after having dinner or just a few beers at night.

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