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  1. Thanks for the thoughts we will always remember are brothers of past and our prayers for the ones that are there now but what we did was for the freedoms of the future (first Cav 1971 to 1972
  2. Hey Ron i am glad the install went good. The led is on so you always know it is working. The light has such a small draw it can be left on for months and it would not drain the starting battery. It also helps you find your truck at night after having dinner or just a few beers at night.
  3. Roger Clemens is 42 and he is about to put Houstan in the world series
  4. Just turned the big 50 50 50 50 50 50
  5. Not bragging but i was in the car business for over 14 years and alot of it was as warranty manager. The lemon laws were put into place to stop new auto screw ups to protect the buyer. It is really hard for the customer to prove the lemon but there are guide lines and they are not put out there for the lawyers to decide. Most lawyers are working for themselves and not you. In all the years i worked warranty i can not remember a lawyer making us replaced a car. I can tell you that the MN Attorney General would scare the **** out of us. So the bottom line would be call the Attorney General and ask them what guide lines are and were can you find them and go from there. Most dealers once the Attorney General calls them they will go back to the manufacture and tell them they need to get this fixed and quit screwing around. I know you can do this with one phone call and not let some Attorney get money for nothing. Good luck ------------------ JIM PAYNE
  6. Sounds like a great time, There are some solar chargers that work well but they are for slow charging but if your are using the motor for simply back up and you have the solar charger on all the time you should be ok. Have a great trip. ------------------ JIM PAYNE
  7. Are you taking the car or truck with you and will the truck be close to the trolling motor? If so you would be much happier charging the battery from the car. ------------------ JIM PAYNE
  8. sandman do not be hard on yourself and if wired your the way it was and you got so much drive time out of it then your boat is probably wired the correct way for your boat. is your two batteries wired all the way up to the trolling plug? if so your boat is probably wired for 12/24 and your trolling motor plug is wired the way it should be. there are alot of different ways the can be done in the boat. ------------------ JIM PAYNE
  9. I think sandman meant + of battery one to trolling motor, battery one - to + of battery 2 with - of battery 2 to trolling motor.That is 24volt in series.Up until the year 2001 most boat manuf, wired all boats in parellel and let the trolling plug cross the cables to make them in series. It is very simple. Look at your batteries and if there is a jumper between the batteris you have 24 volts going to the trolling motor and if there is not a jumper then you have 12 volts.Maybe some of you guys know this and might think this is simple but you will find alot of guys new to trolling that this is hard for them to understand. I know because i talk to alot of new guys every day and i see they just do not understand. So here is the easiest way for the new guy. Use what you have and enjoy it until you understand more about it then you can decide what works for you. Just remember that + to + and - to - is parellel and the volts will be the same and anything else is series. Good luck ------------------ JIM PAYNE
  10. do not wire them in series like the one guy said because it will burn your trolling motor up if it is a 12 volt. Just wire them + to + and - to - and you will be fine and you will have longer working time.
  11. I had evryone i talked to sign non-disclosures before i showed it to them. It is easy enough to get the help you need. You can also contact the SBA OF MN. and they are very helpful. Or you can contact me and i would give you some people i deal with that would be happy to help. I would not contact any of those patent orginatations that say they will do it for you. They get alot of money to do that. There is alot of good manufacturers here in MN that can help you with getting working ptototypes too. Good luck ------------------ JIM PAYNE
  12. good luck on the new product and if i can help let me know. ------------------ JIM PAYNE
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