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I have a 2011 F-150 with 70k on it, when i take it on a long run ( 30 + miles) it shakes when I try to turn, it only shakes in the front end, normal in-town driving short distance drives the problem is not present.  Would bearings be the culprit?  It almost feels like 4 wheel drive is trying to activate on dry pavement.  

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It is entirely possible that the vacuum supply to the front hubs is getting lost on the longer trips and engaging the 4WD.

After a long drive and when the problem is present remove the vacuum line from one of the front hubs. There will be two hoses molded together. One should have vacuum and the other is a vent.

Typically one of the hubs or one of the lines will fail and you will hear a clicking noise. I have also had them make some very faint grinding noises under acceleration and not make a peep any other time.

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Update on this, I had a long distance trip this weekend (128 miles one way) and once I got to my destination I had to back out of a spot and it shook really bad in the back end while backing up and then also when trying to go forward with the wheels slightly turned.  It is going into the dealership Thursday to get fixed.  

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