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I haven't hit the big river since I stopped ice fishing last week, but figure this would be a good tool for posts as we venture out this year.

Fishermen are still dragging boats across the ice to fish Dresbach - walleyes and nice sauger being caught for those up for the work. Trempeleau dam mostly producing small eyes, small sauger, and some perch. I haven't heard any first hand reports from Genoa but the fleet of boats is out each day.

Dresbach access still ice, as is Black River Beach Access, and the access along Fishermans Road. Of course any of the harbor or backwater launches are still very frozen.

Trempeleau, Genoa, Green Island accesses open from what I have heard/seen.

Good Luck! Let's see the reports!

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People still ice fishing the backwaters and black river area yesterday. Saw some in a scratcher boat today but no one walking today...shorelines are way out, people were getting on yesterday by walking to the end of docks to get on...not my cup up tea.

I hear dresbach bay is open now with just ice chunks floating, so should be able to launch. Black River Beach West landing open, east landing still no open. Seeing plenty of boats on the main channel.

Hope to be out monday for the first time in the boat.

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Put the boat in today here in La Crosse. Ran from Copeland up to the Onalaska spillway and back. A few sheets of ice floating but mostly clear. A few of the backwaters were still partially frozen. Tens of Thousands of dead shad floating in masses everywhere, and thousands of gulls feeding on them. Originally hoped to find some perch but due to the conditions-high muddy water, cold, dead fish everywhere, I didn't fish much. Headed over to Dresbach to check things out, and found the road to the lower landing closed, and the upper landing was flooded, docks pretty much underwater etc. Would have needed hip waders to launch without getting soaked so I called it a day. Only saw 3 boats out at Dresbach and they were not out in the current. Lots of people fishing off the wall...

Bring on spring

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