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Nett Lake has the biggest wild rice beds in the world and im sure its great duck hunting. But its surrounded by an Indian Resevation, I saw a show where Ron Shara hunted it for ducks and i was wondering if the band lets people duck hunt the lake, or gives out permits to certain people. Has anyone ever duck hunted Nett Lake.

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To hunt Nett you have to pay a guide from the tribe. Each guide can bring in 3 hunters at a time. If you have never hunted on a rice lake before you better have yourself prepared to work your butt off. Canoes only, taking in lots of decoys and if you want to take your dog, no problem, just make sure he/she is stable in a canoe that is filled up pretty good.

The lake is generally glassed by the federal agent, Mr. Duncan, so DO NOT try to shoot to many or bring in some low base for the cripples. Shooting to many can be a very big temptation for the soul reason that you probably will never see so many bills in your life at one time! I would recommend NOT letting your guide shoot his gun, leaving your group to shoot his limit. Once you have that limit DO NOT start thinking about taking a chance on a few extra's.

The bottom line is this, you are going to pay maybe $100.00 or more per gun, you are going to work like you have never worked for ducks before and there is a good chance you will be done with your 4 man limit very quickly. If this sounds like a good thing, then by all means drive north out of Virginia on 53 until you get just outside of Orr, take a left at the Dam Supper club and drive straight until the road ends, about 20 miles.


P.S. It has seemed to me that the guides don't think that the metro hunters i.e. 612er's money is as good as the 218er's.

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